The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi I'm FutureTurnip (a.k.a., Jeff Kwak). I code.

    Construct 2 is an impressive tool kit. It's an enjoyable way to create games. The Construct team is incredible. Every couple of weeks there is some jaw dropping new functionality.

  • Hi hi developers,

    I'm Jens and work as professional game developer since about eleven years now. Im excited to joint the Construct 2 family. :)

    I started as a coder and level designer. Later on I became Technical Designer at Crytek working on Crysis 2, GFACE and some never released games. Currently I teach students how to develop games.

    I write some stuff about Game Prototyping on just google my name. I hope I can post some games soon. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


    Jens Sch�bel

  • Hi! I am REDVWIN from Mexico. I enjoy learning C2 and trying to help anyone with my current knowledge.

    I am an industrial engineer but my passion for all Computing was never lost. Even though I honestly lack the fundamentals, my logic and perseverance make for it. Step by step, I will fulfill this dream, a goal that will eventually consolidate my way to be.

    HTML5 is cool and its potential lies within everyone's imagination aside from raw talent of course.

    Greetings and let's always do our best! <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Rodrigo Eduardo Diez Vial

  • My user name is Dilk, I am a young Game Developer / Visual effects creator. I do a lot more but the list goes too far,

  • Hi I'm Ash aka smallbear.

    I had intended to use Construct to help me prototype a massively complex web app that I don't even understand.

    Along the way I've rediscovered my love of games and my desire to find an accessible way into programming.

    In the past I've tried most of the 3D game creators like Alice and Sandbox but they always overreach themselves and get frustrating very quickly.

    I'm intrigued by the possibilities not only of prototyping but also of storytelling and animation too.

  • Hi everyone ! I'm Pezito from France. I've been working on games (as an artist) for a decade, then moved to a place where game development is mostly nonexistent... I still love games though, and found in Construct 2 an amazing way to build and test stuff. This software is the very tool I needed in order to give life to my creations with ease !

    Well, I'll probably come back and post some early Construct 2 prototypes someday. Bye for now. ^^

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  • Jody J Roth

    Creating games for my kids, mostly to experiment with the new technology.

  • Let me introduce myself, I'm Beakins (Cristian Atienza Ramirez) and I'm from Spain and I'm working on my platform adventure game called La Leyenda Del Reino Grahkon (The Legend Of The Grahkon Kingdom in english). The game is about King Pig from the Angry Birds series who is dead years ago after a massive war with the birds but was suddenly reanimated by the dark element demon lord's spirit and took him to the Grahkon kingdom and is given a task to protect his kingdom from 8 mysterious foes (evil parodies of Spongebob characters like the Crunchy Crab who is based on Mr. Krabs). After King Pig collects the 7 dark gems from the first 7 foes, he transforms into a miniature version of the dark element demon lord and takes on Mrs. Huff (a parody of Mrs. Puff and her alter-ego The Huff from Demolition Doofus). After he defeats Mrs. Huff, King Pig wins and the Grahkon kingdom is safe and he reclaims it for himself. That's the story of my game.

    I hope you like it :D

    I wish I could get a Personal License of Construct 2 so I can work on the game further.

  • hello! I am the creator of fangames about innocent things, such as My Little Pony, Touhou, and Pokemon. I love innocent games... I like to give them a child friendly difficulty that is challenging, but not terribly hard. Most of my games have checkpoints and unlimited continues. I don't like typical violent games such as GTA or resident evil, so don't expect me to make a zombie shooter or anything like that. I am not a good artist, and I usually use ripped graphics when making games. I am not the highest quality game developer out there, and will humbly admit to such as long as you don't bully me or put me down or say anything that makes me feel bad. However, I have a strong passion for making innocent games that are unique, and refuse to stop making them. I like to improve at my own pace, making each game of mine slightly better, but not to be forced to improve against my will.

    Currently I have made most of my games in MMF. however, the MMF community wasn't very welcoming to me, despite giving them $400 for the developer version of their software, so I was thinking of trying Construct. Of course it means I will have to get to know a whole new program, but I have been thinking its time for a change. :)

  • Hey guys, glad to be here. I hope I get some fine info or be able to help someone !

  • Hi I'm new to the game making community, I was inspired to make my own game after playing ''Legend Of Princess''

  • Hi!

    I'm new here, and I'm just starting making games. Enjoy your day :)

  • Hi I am Doc Ai,I like construct.Game maker sucks.

    Thank you for this amazing thing

  • this will be cool <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hey guys, hows it goin? My name is QuadraGames, also known as Dawson, and I like to make games. When I do, I make games with Stencyl, great program actually (I'm working on an iOS platformer now actually). But after I finish it, I think I'll switch over to Construct 2. Why? Because of 2 things: The ability to make games without coding, and 2. MOTHA TRUCKIN WII U SUPPORT! I love the Wii U, and I've always wanted to make games for it even since I started development, and now with constuct 2, I finally can!

    So yeah. That's me!

    A bit of an abrupt ending, I say. Had nothing else to write :P

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