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  • Hello everyone..

    My name is Gustavs Berzin�, but you can call me ecopipe, i'm another newbie game designer. I have made some games by now. They are not that big or anything, but they are my little ugly babies and momma loves her babies no matter what. :D Now the biggest archievement yet is getting the 9th place in the Construct 2 Touch Jam. I'm really proud of that part. :) That was just a demo and for now i'm busy with this game project, but i have plans for other games too! :)



  • Hello everyone. I am a afficionated in gamers world. ny banes us Helienio Rocelli like play games and like create games. this aplication is very very good. and I buy this. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I dont know how this works by now, but I see this is simply to simply games. I need some help to add in my brasin and in the future help some people like me.

    sorry my english. I speak Spanish and Portuguese.

    have my poor english to help me sometimes. <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Like this comunity forum.

    Im a designer. need help in this I help you.

    animation 3D, modeler, 2.5d to games. etc.

    I make a simply game in this aplication now and public this in a future here.

    thanks to all.

  • Hi Guys

    Just dropping in to say hi. They say this community is very friendly :)

    I've been making games on my own for a few years now, starting with Flash and Gamemaker, then moved to Unity and stayed pretty loyal. But I love 2D games and I just knew I had to find a more fitting tool. So after tons of research, and perhaps a lot due to the awesome

    It's a stop motion melee game. Though I'm more into pixels recently.

    Anyway, it's great to be here! Let's make games you guys!

  • Hi,

    Just dropping by to say hi. I stumbled upon this construct 2 website and decided to have a try of this SDK.


  • Hi, my nickname is Tetriser016, but my real name is Wahiduddin Sabari. I'm from Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia. I'm happy to meet everyone in the forum.

  • Hi there!

    My name is Senf and currently I'm working on a jump 'n run game with Construct2. It will be a pleasure to me to show you guys something as soon as possible.

    Greetings from Germany,


  • Hi everyone,

    I'm Martin from the Philippines. I'm really glad that I discovered Construct2. I'm currently making a virtual pet game. I'll be posting some more details about it soon.

  • Hey there,

    I'm Berthammer from Germany. Really love Construct 2 and the community is fantastic! At the moment I'm working on a kinda point and click adventure. For this I chose Construct 2 instead of other adventure-game-engines because it offers much more possibilities that I can use to design the game.



  • Hey everybody!

    My name is Dustin. I'm new to Construct 2, but thanks to Yann and Kyatric's awesome videos and the great beginner tutorials on the website, I've already got a head start on this awesome platform :)!

    Normally I code VST plugins ( ...shameless plug haha), but I'm taking some time to feed my gamer side. Construct 2 is definitely a blast so far! I can't afford a personal license just yet, but I'll be pushing the free version to its limits until then.

    Anyway, nice to meet all of you! I'll be snooping around here learning as much as I can.

    See you around the message board,


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  • Good [local-area-specific time of day] all!

    I'm Mark Quire, a UK-based graphic artist specialising in graphics for games. Here, unabashedly, offering my services to Construct users.

    Catch you on the boards,

    • Q
  • Hey guys,

    Names Dean, working on independent mobile game and html games casually, hoping to release the first game within the next 6 months onto the mobile market, Looking forward to meeting this community.

    Talk to ye later.

  • Jack,

    I've made a few games using other engines but drifted towards C2.

    Looking forward to learning it.

    I have the - rather ambitious - aspiration to make a point and click game or an rpg but that might take some time.

  • Hi all!

    I'm new to game development, and I'm so excited to get my hands dirty with construct2. Just bought the personal edition, and I hope to get a few practice games working soon.

    Anyway... just saying hello. :-) Awesome product.

  • Hello guys

    Well I have kind of a full project for an android game, and well, let's just start from scratch! So I'll be having many questions as from now (Well after I read the tutorials and a good part of the manual).

    My story?oh well

    So I was young and liked to make games with some other game making engine which I will not reveal. Then I lost interest, and after... after about 6 years I got a tablet, downloaded a bunch of games from the android market, and well, just liked a sum of about 7 or 8 games.

    But the perfect game is still out there, waiting for being made, why has nobody made it yet? Arg! I guess it is my place to do so then.

    So I have a project, a very, very ambitious MMO GPS RPG sandbox alchemy conquer abstract game. But it is way too ambitious. So I'll have to start trying out with something I know to be easy. Well, not SO easy, I mean, I already have a lot of ideas. It will be simple, yet it is one of those kind of games with over 9000 items (that's just an expression of course) and yeah, first think of those 9000 items, then make them one by one. I kind of have a reminiscence of what making games is about, so let's just ge it started and finish it already with speak. You'll hear from me soon

    Well, that was about it. See you soon fellow friends, I hope I find a lot of guys to answer my questions and possibly make simple questions that I can answer because I am new. Cheerio

  • Hello everyone, Construct 2 is cool. I made alot of test games with it. I will be using this for a while.

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