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  • baseball tournament team that consisted of 3 Christopher's, 3 Alex's, and 2 Zack's.

    Cheering at their games is also a team effort then >_< and really short, too

  • I was nine years old when I attempted to join a forum, in 2001. I was just starting to explore game developing using the Games Factory trial. My name is Kyle, and I was currently appending "made by kyle" notes on my internal experiments. However, I knew once I went online this would have to stop because not only was Kyle a common name, but it also went against the usual internet rule of thumb to keep your personal information to yourself.

    Anyway, nine year olds aren't very creative, and my solution wasn't either. I created a "company" called Ksoft Productions by simply appending the first letter of my name to software. Then, as I was registering and needed a name, I figured that as Ksoft's main man, I was Mr. Ksoft. Click, registered. That's how it's been ever since.

    Since Ksoft has long since evaporated because it is the worst, most unoriginal name ever, I've wanted to change my username, but I also don't want to have to re-establish my identity, so I've continued on using it. I found a solution recently though, and when it isn't taken I find myself simply registering as "Mr. K".

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  • I'm a big sci-fi fan.

  • davio and i had been wanting to get on xbox live for ages, but sadly we only had dial up internet. one day, we thought "hmm why cant we go on with dial up?" well of course, dialup users cant easily do this because the cable cant connect to any router or anything, but we cleverly hacked it using the Ethernet port on our computer, and some network connections stuff.

    after alot of debugging we got xbl to load up VERY SLOWLY, i mean it took an hour to dload the menu for the 360 dashboard. so anyways, i needed to sign up for an account. loading the everything took so long, and eventually after all the sign up crap, its choose a nickname. so i try a name, it gets rejected after 30 minutes of confirmation, think of a new one, try again, same thing. i spend maybe 5 hours on this damn thing and get fed up, and start randomizing the hell out of things. i try another 6 times nothing. and then whoa, im really pissed so i choose three random things, and smash them together.

    in the end, i get left with Quazi GNRL nose, yea.

    i actually quite liked it tho, so i kept using it for stuff, and well it just stuck. i like the fact that i can quickly be referred to as Quazi, quaz, or wtv. they sound cool

  • I used many different nicknames for different forums - Kenshin (samurai from Japanase anime), kodama, Asanuma (inspired by some historical events from Japanese history). Pretty nice nicknames for a teenager, but now I use mainly Yaraslau. It's just my name and nothing more, but it can be easily pronounced by English and non-English speaking people. As simple as that.

    ...and one more reason to use Yaraslau as a nickname. I ckecked "Yaraslau" and received a very good result. It means, that for my native language (the Belarusian language) and for the Russian language name "Yaraslau" has a very positive meaning. - ... B%E0%2A%E2

  • think of a new one, try again

    Yeah my nickname is always taken, it's way too common. I have an alt that's never used, I should use that instead

  • I typoed something in Google in 2004 and it read "Zotged" right there. It took a few years to adapt it as a nick. Pretty much anyone can say it out loud no matter where they're from so it's nice in online games too.

    What I tried to google back then will likely remain a mystery till the end of time.

  • First two letters of my name and surname combined. The Y is just a remnant from the 'cool teens', but Mipe is a common nickname around here. *shrug*

  • From my name (Patryk) and day and month of birthsday (13th March; Friday). It's patryk1303

  • "Kong Dhondon" is what I called myself when I was about 2 years old. Have no idea where that name came from, but I still think it sounds cool

  • First two letters of my name and surname combined. The Y is just a remnant from the 'cool teens', but Mipe is a common nickname around here. *shrug*

    Two Slovak male names: Milan and Miko (like Michael). Right? What is your name, Mipey?

  • Miha. Slovenian.

  • Miha. Slovenian.

    Hmm, my memory needs updating. I forgot, that you are from Slovenia. Sorry.

    Miha (Slovenian) - Mihail (Russian, Belarusian). Similar names.

    Miha or Miha - where is the accent?

  • The first one. Why? Are you stalking me?

  • The first one. Why? Are you stalking me?

    In English stalking is associated with crime. I'm not stalking you. The answer to question "why" will be a bit large.

    • many years ago my father was in Yugoslavia. And he was very impressed by that country, people, nature and atmosphere there in general.
    • Slovenia was a part of Yugoslavia
    • Slovenian and Belarusian people are both belongs to Slavs (the South and the East Slavs). Although Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary doesn't include Slovenian people in definition "Slav" (Oxford researchers are obviously wrong in their estimations).
    • the history of Yugoslavia is a very vivid, bright example on what was right, what was wrong and what was questionable. Some kind of the history lessons.

    Don't think, that my interest was annoying. Slavs should live in peace and know the history of Slavs countries. This forum for entertainment and I don't want to break the rules. So I won't be asking more... Thank you for your reply, Mipey.

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