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  • I have an intense need to make my own chiptune like music, but as soon as I get into the editor, I freeze up. Especially around the baselines. I just don't have that music theory smarts. Any tips?

  • Acquire said music theory smarts. You can't make music without it.

    There are free courses in music theory on - I highly recommend it. It's very good.

  • Music theory will help. I've been playing and writing music for 15+ years and theory still gets me out of ruts.

    That said, there is an ios app called "Autochords" which is super helpful in setting up a decent chord structure based on feel/mood. I use it for a lot of my game compositions.

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  • Don't know what kind of chiptune stuff it is that you are wanting to make, but dream big and start small. That is I guess the best advice I can give. I made a mistake that cost me years of progress. I started with too big and complicated music. I was in a hurry to advance and that hurry left me with a weak foundation that has taken years to fix spiced with feelings of inadequacy and frustration every now and then. So start small and simple. Get a good foundation and you will save yourself from many heart aches.

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