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    "Create a Game

    Now you can create a game without writing any code. Try it out, and have fun!"


    I wonder what else Microsoft can attempt and fail at?

    BTW, it's really limited and awful, just posting for FYI reasons.

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  • LOL

    "Microsoft... who will they try and copy next?"

  • They are definitely NO threat to Construct!

    I thought it was amusing though.

  • I agree. It's essentially a glorified tech demo. A cool concept, but I'll stick to having a stand-alone installation, thanks. These baby steps toward viable in-browser applications fascinate me, though.

    I don't know why, maybe they've made it too simple or something, but I'm having a hard time putting any scripting together. Most of the hardcore programmers I knew at college always seemed to be as efficient as humanly possible (and got off on competing with peers as who's code was the most), but Popfly seems to have gone in the opposite direction. Like they've convoluted all the simplest concepts with a many metaphors as possible.

    It's not bad for what it is. It's essentially the infantile Web 3.0. It's just not at the level people on this forum would expect of it, is all.

  • Well, sadly it's only a matter of time before someone from Microsoft finds Construct and totally rips it off and sells it for mega dollars...

  • AAAAaaaaannnnnd, there. Now that all the thoughtful conversation has ended, thus commences the obligatory hateful and uninformed anti-Microsoft rhetoric.

  • AAAAaaaaannnnnd, there. Now that all the thoughtful conversation has ended, thus commences the obligatory hateful and uninformed anti-Microsoft rhetoric.

    No offence Capt'n, but I've sold many a Microsoft product in the 15 years I have been doing so, and know quite simply for a fact that Microsoft do not have a single creative bone in thier entire body. MS Office is a perfect example of how to rip off open source projects and sell them for money... OpenOffice was around before MSOffice was on a Linux platform, and M$ ripped it off, icons and all.

    My hate is not uninformed, nor is it even biased... I acctually don't like the fact that I hate Microsoft so much... but it's mainly driven due to the fact that they are the ONLY company in the world that can sell a defective product and get away with it... take Windows and the Xbox 360 as perfect examples of this.

    Anyway, I still find thier futile attempt at making a "klick" product very humorous at the very least... I guess this is what you get when Microsoft does indeed try to make something without copying everyone else... that's why they end up just finding something better and buying it, or outright stealing it.


  • For all anyone knows and in all likelihood this Popfly thing was probably created by a team of less than ten people. "OMG MICROSOFT MADE THIS" doesn't quite mean the same thing every time the subject is brought up.

    Opensourceophiles often bring up the "OMG MICROSOFT STOLE IT" defense, which to me seems incredibly hypocritical. For being so open to the free exchange of ideas, you sure are deathly frightened of any market competition. Maybe your open-source is freeware too, but it still becomes part of the market. In the event that a large company wishes to entertain the same idea while providing for all the regulations in place to help ensure product worth (professional technical suport, development cycles and the like) it is taking the gamble that they can make the better product. It's all about where the consumers choose to align themselves - the corporation requires a userbase for development costs, and open source projects require a userbase to voluntarily fill the service gaps inherent with the free model. Both are prone to failure without this vital user base, just as they easily stagnate without innovating competition.

    This is why I can't stand fanaticism from either side of this argument. It all boils down to economics. And for the topic at hand, this is Microsoft displaying the early results of their latest work heading into the next generation. Does it fit our needs? No. Is Microsoft evil for taking an existing idea and applying it to a new media? No. When you someday invent the next globe-changing thing, I'm sure you'll be happy to have had the work of those before you as inspiration. And that day you'll perhaps say, "Hmm, the Captain had a point all along" as you swivel in your big, scary, evil (but very comfy) corporate office chair to watch your product make you richer by the minute.

  • I just have issues with the morals surrounding it... people who offer open source projects do not usually intend for someone else to copy+paste it, rename the file then sell it for millions of dollars...

    It's not that I "hate Microsoft" as such, I just hate anyone that takes advantage of things in this way to exploit it for thier own personal conquest/gain.

    I still find it funny that Microsoft products are always full of bugs and extreme fail... I saw the official bug report from the RAAF base here in Adealiade on Windows Me (retail version) a few years back... it was 400 pages long.

  • If I may make a second attempt to steer you back on topic, Popfly is written in something completely new. Just as Construct and MMF differ greatly in the engines that drive them, we may yet find some benefit to Silverlight we could not foresee.. But how could we do that unless somebody out there gave it a try? It also makes your copy/paste argument put you in a negative light. This is essentially the same thing uninformed Clickteam forumgoers accuse Construct of. Same with bugginess. It's harder to see the relation between Construct and any major operating system because of the sheer scale, but judging just by this forum the bugginess is the same pound for pound. It's all relative, but perhaps it just feels better when one can actively participate in the development.

    Appreciate this "Popfly" for what it is, and leave your hate rants for a time when they are more useful - as in hostile company takeovers.

  • Microsoft do do some things excellently - in my opinion visual studio 2008 is the best code editing IDE out there, and I use it for Construct. Also, while it's no more likely than a Flash runtime, a Silverlight runtime for web games is something to think about and research (but I emphasise, no more likely than a Flash runtime, which is pretty darn unlikely).

  • a lot of stuff

    Yeah I'm not saying Microsoft copied anyone to make this thing... I was commenting that I'm suprised they didn't, and the fact it sucks so hard just makes me think that at some point they may well just try to copy someone else.

    Personally I think Microsoft DO have a few good products, but the majorty of thier stuff has big issues... look at every version of Windows so far as an example. They never work right for the first 12-18 months at least.

    Anyway, this has been dragged off topic enough as it is... it's more my personal feelings towards many things I have witnessed during my time as an I.T. technician and computer retail professional.

  • Doublepost. Lagged somehow

  • The only thing Microsoft has that I would consider "bad" is money.

    They buy things, including their competition when they can.

    Anyways, the disturbing thought I get is, Construct is open-source ... hide it from them!

  • Microsoft Sidewinder Pro = Best joystick EVER

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