Another Market Ready HTML5 game engine?!

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  • Looks like another html5 ready game engine (Impactjs) this guy is asking $99 for it though. Currently not convinced it's that good, from the little I saw Construct 2 still looks much better. I still like to look every once in awhile and see what else is out there and what others are doing and here are some of my finds...

    Anyway here is the link for all you curious onlookers....

  • Lol $99 and no demo version.

    I don't really like their forum though.

  • wow now this is a nice engine and it's open source/free I bet Ashley could incorporate some of it's features into Construct 2 down the road...looks good to make games like the classic legend of zelda....

    Here's the link enjoy!

  • Wow here is another html5 game engine made specifically to attract FLASH developers, it definitely looks's the link..

  • Yeah, there's actually a lot of engines around - Impact got going a bit before us IIRC too, I think they were one of the first HTML5 engines on the market. However these are all generally engines rather than full blown IDEs like Construct 2, so you have to program, you don't get lots of the nice editors in C2, etc. etc. so I think things are still much quicker and easier with C2.

  • That Flash one is pretty cool. (Especially since I have been a Flash dev for so long.) Still, I am loving Construct lately so I think I'll stick with it for a bit longer. ;)

  • Yeah ImpactJS has an integrated editor. It only supports tile based maps so it's the exact opposite of C2. It has nice features that could be integrated into C2 like map regions. That eliminates the need to create invisible objects and stuff. Just gave me an idea : Collision regions in map. So you can have maps with total custom collision :D Just an idea :)

  • I have a full license to ImpactJS and it is a very solid API and is very fast. I bought it before I learned of C2. Knowing what I know now, C2 is still the best for what I am doing.

  • I love Construct 1 and 2 but it never hurts to see what the competition is doing.... Besides Ashley and the Construct gang may not be aware of certain progresses others are making and I think it's never a bad thing to review others that will also keep them on their toes. Also the more various things mentioned here it will increase the probabilities of Construct coming up in peoples searches of similar don't get me wrong guys I paid for a construct license and like the work they are doing. But as with any business if Ashley and the gang happen to get relaxed and others beat them to the punch created a much better product as a consumer I would have to consider changing products that is unless the Scirra Team keep on top of things which it currently looks like they are working hard to do. Great Work again Scirra Team and a great product, looking forward to more future updates! also Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :P

  • What makes me curious is that I just tested the demos of flashjs. While C2-demos still run bad/poor in Firefox 8 under WinXP, that demo runs with amazing speedy 80 fps. Now what do they make better than C2, that they can reach such high rates, compared to the 9-25 fps I get from C2 demos?

  • I haven't looked in-depth at it yet. It looked interesting enough and peeked my interest so I thought I would share what I had found the other day with everyone. It will be interesting to hear other responses regarding that engine though. You have definitely peeked my curiosity again, I didn't know this so I will have to take a closer look at it when I have time to do so. Thanks for the response I will have to look into that.

  • This is interesting. But yet the demos they have really are limited without sound, collision, etc. But it would be interesting if someone could make a full game in flashjs and the same game in construct2 and then compare! The main difference I would think would be that flashjs uses actionscript3 within Java whereas construct2 does not. So which language is less heavy and allows the game to process faster? hmmm good question though?!

  • FlashJS isn't really comparable with Construct 2. Compare writing ActionScript code such as:


    mapLoader.load(new URLRequest("./assets/map" + currentLevel + ".html"));

    mapLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, respawnCaracterObject);

    ... with the ease and speed of development within the Construct 2 IDE. I rest my case.

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  • I'm a programmer but in no coding engine i can accomplish the ease and speed of development that i get with C2. And i've tried lots and lots of engines, and wrote some too. If C2 get's scripting support one day it'll be the ultimate engine no question.

  • Yeah ImpactJS has an integrated editor. It only supports tile based maps so it's the exact opposite of C2.

    I looked at impactJS a while ago, seriously considering plonking down the cash for it. I looked at avideo going over how the editor works, and I got to say it looks really, really good. I would not mind some sort of crosss compatibility with it and c2 (kind of like the GM rooms thing) or just using it as a source of inspiration and innovation.

    I've been wondering, from time to time people ask/talk about scripting in C2, and in general that's what the SDK is for. Couldn't you, in theory (I don't really know) make a plugin that lets you execute code from events? Sort of like what Pythin was in CC (though I never really tampered with that, so I might be a bit off-base there). Just a thought.

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