Another Market Ready HTML5 game engine?!

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  • I think it's possible, but Ashley will know better :D There's a plugin or two that allow you to execute JS code, but you can't access c2 api, or can't access it all. Never used those plugins. They would be really useful if you could access all the api.

  • I worked with so many engines in my company and I get in love with C classic and now C2.

    But I not a programmer, this way can be a weak opinion.

  • I am a programmer, always will Elbe, it's something I actually enjoy but I have to say; I am in live with c2. A game that would take me a month to program would take me a day with C2 but it's just not powerfull enough yet, I'm a mobile developer so I mean c2 is not powerfull enough yet for mobile. Although I read the latest blog post about using AppMobi's API's which would be great!!!

  • Yeah it is getting there. But webgl must become widely supported first. Latest version of Android seems to support it . iOS support afaik is still crap. We pretty much depend on webgl since canvas is not suitable at all. If we have to move on from desktop we must get the same power or at least get near to it. And for now WebGL and NaCL are the only way.

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  • I just took a look at the impact demo video and now I understand why SCIRRA claims for the self - Game development WITHOUT programming.

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