Who is making a business case for his/her game?

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  • Hello,

    Are you making a business case (even high level) when building a game or you just invest (money and time) and see what you can get from it?


  • Well, im trying to make it a business, make some extra cash, maybe later on get better at it, get several apps on different markets and replace a daytime job for this. I know it could take time. But I'm trying to make simple and unique games/apps that people can enjoy.

  • Ok, but what I meant is, roughly : "do you plan incomes based on your investments?".

    i.e. scenario 1:

    you invest money and/or time in programming a game,

    you purchase Construct license,

    you purchase licenses for publishing in Android and/or iOS markets.

    You earn X$.

    Scenario 2:

    Idem +

    you purchase assets,

    You purchase advertisement.

    You earn Y$.


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  • Well of course, thats the main name of any business, to make some revenue, usually more than the investment done. I already invested on the licence, on some assets, windows licences, etc. And I plan to get all that back once i get my apps n games up n running, it might take a while, it might not, like i mentioned before, is all gonna come down to the quality of the games n apps, simplicity and how unique you make them

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