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  • All in favor over Scirra Construct for Mac, say aye!


    Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • All in favor of Apple adopting DirectX so that this would be feasible, say aye!




    (had a great holiday! )

  • <img src="">

    Hehe, sorry... couldn't resist . Anyway no offense, but yeah, DirectX pretty much means that you can't run Construct on a Mac. I heard a rumor somewhere that C2 might be able to do something about that... I dunno...

  • that image was... amazing

  • I don't have a MAC, but I'm pretty sure you can run Construct and Construct games on a MAC using this: .. if you got $69.

    Wine does support DirectX 9 now.. so Linux and MAC support should be good... I just need to stop being lazy and test out the linux version.

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  •'re kidding right?



    if any of you have ever dealt with wine you'd know that construct has LOTS of random crashes when you try to run it.... most of the time you cant start it. not to mention you have to apply A LOT of patches for directx through terminal(Linux's version of command prompt... it was a pain in the butt)......

    now mabe if construct supported OpenGL *crosses fingers* it might be possible.

    however, when ever i hear the developers talk about mac and Linux support it's only being able to run your games on them.

    2, MAC!?!?!?!?!?

    I'd rather have Linux support. Linux beats windows and mac in every category. really one of the only reasons i kept windows XP was for construct (and a couple of other programs) but then i got windows 7.... ( win 7 ftw)

    basically the way construct is designed this is not possible thank you directX.

    but this poses a nice little question. why doesn't support OpenGL and directX?

    that would fix a lot of problems(not to mention that OpenGL runs faster on my comp and directX uses OpenGL to work!)

    3, it's a nice thought but at this point is not feasible. they would probably have to start from scratch and have to rewrite construct and i dont think they want to do that any time soon

    now if your computer's processor supports virtual machine then its a different story.

    also i don't know if mac supports this(win 7 pro(i think) and ultimate(i know this for a fact because i use ultimate) do)

    basically virtual machine is a new technology that lets you run two or more operating system at the same time.

    with this you could effectively run mac and windows at the same time

    or ... or you could do a dual boot setup and you can choose which operating system at start up like i do. you just partition your hard drive and install your second OS on the second partition


    Have you actually run Construct under Codeweavers Game version of Wine?? I never said "I know it will work".. I just believe it should. Obviously those are two different things which is why I need to actually test it out. I can believe there would be some bugs though...especially considering Construct is already buggy.

    I've already tested Construct on Linux using a Windows XP Virtual Machine with 3D support and it works the same as a native version of Construct. So that is clearly the best solution...

  • It is not Construct's fault for wine's incompatibility. When someone thrashes a glass jar, it is not the jar's fault.

  • Linux beats windows and mac in every category.

    User interface? Market share?

  • Well if you disregard the command line gobbledygook, some of the GUI stuff is pretty good.

    Desktop icons that don't rely on the outdated .ico format, but based on the images actual size, and transparency for example.

    Not that the command line stuff isn't a biggie tho...

  • yes, i find linux GUI(like ubuntu's) pretty sweet and the only thing i hate is the command line stuff. I tried the ubuntu once using the wubi installer but couldn't make it work. And the most other distributions are pretty hard to install. If someday construct 2 gets ported to linux, i'll probably try it again.

    It may sound stupid but supporting linux seems like supporting humanity

    And regarding mac...i hate anything that has that rotten half eaten apple logo

  • And regarding mac...i hate anything that has that rotten half eaten apple logo

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    as for installing Linux, what is so hard about it?

    you just burn it to disk and stick it in the computer when it boots and click install. it will ask you a couple of questions (like what do you want your user name to be?)

    as for the for the command line stuff.... Ive been using ubuntu for two + years and have only had to use it once (when i tried to install construct on it). Linux's command line stuff is a lot simpler than Windows's.

    User interface? Market share?

    that is not what i meant. i was more or less talking about the "behind the senes" stuff

    there is a reason why most web servers and ALL super computers run on it!

    in all of the time i have used it and all of the different versions i have used it only has crashed once and that was when the hard drive failed. (and Linux warned me weeks in advance that it would happen soon )

    and as far as inter face goes in my opinion it is only second to that of Windows 7

    another advantage is that you don't ever have to worry about viruses!

    you might try to say that about mac as well but it isn't true. there just aren't as many mac viruses (not worth the hacker's time) and most viruses are asymptomatic now a days so you wouldn't know (because you probably wouldn't have an anti-virus)

    Linux on the other hand, even if a virus got on the machine and the user was stupid enough to run it( and it miraculously ran) Linux would throw a hissyfit when it would try to do ANYTHING

    (only Linux is allowed to modify Linux( for example it wont let windows touch it with a ten foot pole)) basically the only thing the virus could ever touch( and with very great difficulty) is your home folder(Linux's equivalent to my documents)

    Have you actually run Construct under Codeweavers Game version of Wine?? I never said "I know it will work".. I just believe it should. Obviously those are two different things which is why I need to actually test it out. I can believe there would be some bugs though...especially considering Construct is already buggy.

    ... the developer's of that version even come out and say that directX9 applications are EXTREMELY buggy and may crash... often! and don't even try to use any DirectX10 or 11 software due to the fact that they say it is not compatible at all!

    now maybe if you were to down grade construct to DirectX8 (preferably 7 or lower for best accuracy) you would have better luck! not to mention the original wine (ever the game version) the developers blatantly come out and say that construct (yes by name) does not really work( they mention that you MIGHT be able to at least start it) they pretty much say don't even try(stupidly i did and wasted my time)

    and lastly they are trying to use COMPUTER software to emulate COMPUTER hardware functions(you can easily emulate non-computer hardware as it is not as complex as a computer's)

    hardware emulation can be very buggy and SLOW( it can take as much as 100 times the CPU to get the same speed!) i say hardware emulation with mac because apple tends to put the OS on computer hardware custom made for their OS (they can't even use the same RAM!) this presents other problems not found in Linux(as it uses the same Windows hardware)

    the fact of the matter is that DirectX is HARDWARE acceleration, meaning your graphics card must be compatible with it and since a lot of Macs use that custom hardware that probably(depends on the GPU that apple decides to use on that model) wouldn't support directx, hardware emulation is required(that's why DirectX emulation is so buggy) for example, why should Apple use hardware that supports stuff that their OS does not?

    basically in Linux you only have to emulate the software as Linux can use your GPU's native DirectX9 functions while Mac MAY not (i say may because it depends on the computer its self)

    also as old as DirectX9 is, it is still too new and powerful to emulate the hardware accurately, let alone at full speed! (note that the speed will depend on your CPU speed!)(not to mention some of the "new" computers i have seen at Walmart, even the expensive ones, are slow and several years out dated )

    also take into account that Microsoft doesn't want you to be able to run your windows programs on an other OS because they want you to use windows(which is cheaper by the way especially in maintenance costs(however, Linux and most Linux software however, is free! ) so why use Mac in the first place?) so Microsoft will go out of their way to make stuff like DirectX extremely difficult to emulate

    even if you do a dual boot or virtual machine like i said it will not help you if your Graphics card does not support DirectX9 or above any way! although they are your best options for now, it might be best to wait and hope for construct to be ported to Mac

    and that doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon( maybe construct 2 at the soonest but i think 3 would be more likely unless something inspires the developers to start from scratch and recode construct with OpenGL support sooner) also take into account that construct is open source so you could do it your self if you want it on mac that badly

    soooo...... i just would not bother with programs like wine for construct because construct is just one of those programs that makes even the best DirectX9 emulators crash and BURN

    so try dual boot or virtual machine and if those both don't work then just go out and buy a windows machine(note both of those options will most likely work if you are using a Linux machine because they USUALLY use windows hardware)

  • Woah...

    Well, it's cool you're a fan of Linux and Mac (but I'm not sure I can tell what you think of Mac), but you should try to see things from our point of view. We can hit 90%+ of the market by targeting Windows, for about one third of the effort of targeting Windows, Linux and Mac. That tradeoff is particularly good when, like me, you're doing a full-time university course, and code in my spare time round the edges.

  • I have both PC and Mac workstations I can tell you I 100% think mac is better than windows in many areas, and windows better in other areas such as gaming. But Microsoft does not need to bloat the price of Windows because c'mon windows is not worth $400, there should be 1 set version for $130 or even $99. The only reason why Mac OS X is at $30 because at this point it's just new features added, supports the latest apple approved gpus which are the latest from AMD I believe it's 6X now, and uses intel as I honestly can't stand amd cpu's but love there gpus :p

    I don't like windows but I use it for game creation and that's about it, everything else I'm on either using mac or arch linux(the best flavor of linux).

    If you guys went with OpenGL you could target windows, mac, and linux users as all OSs support OpenGL.

  • I'm afraid i'm another mac fanboy, but i run under bootcamp at the moment for windows software. I'm going to give parallels ago soon.

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