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  • Sounds like such clickbait, haha, I know. It is simply a one minute tutorial on getting started.

    The point of making this wasn't in attempts to cram a full tutorial in one minute or create an amazing game. I just see a lot of comments on forums or Q&A type of places like forums where people say "I have been wanting to start learning game development" and go on to say they have been doing research or reading a lot on what engine is the best or how to get started... etc etc etc . . . but they don't just get started!

    So that is the idea behind this - just get started!

    Obviously, if you are already here this probably isn't for you! You probably already got started! But if you have a friend that sounds like that above (or a stranger on a forum) just send this video their way!

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    I am considering making some Construct tutorials. Definitely not planning on having them this fast paced but at the same time I am not a fan of watching long tutorial videos. So I was considering a somewhat faster paced tutorial, where maybe not everything is explained in full but just overviewed, but accompanied with a text tutorial that explains in full. That way you watch the video to get the idea and go try yourself. When you get stuck you review the text as that is easier to find/search.


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  • Thanks for posting! I watched your video and then checked out the rest of your channel. I discovered the video "Trying Out Construct 3" in which you preview a tutorial about sword hit boxes on a platformer: youtube.com/watch

    Do you have any plans to make this tutorial or know of one that exists? I recenltly made a thread on this forum with my .c3p file describing the issue: construct.net/en/forum/construct-3/how-do-i-8/im-having-issues-melee-attack-155043

    Anyway, good videos, thanks again for sharing! Looking forward to see what else you make.

  • Pretty cool tutorial for people like me who are too undisciplined to spend hours learning to code. Maybe a bit too fast though, it was hard to keep up with the different steps.

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