[html5 game] Fly Trap

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  • In Fly Trap, you have to fly from wall to wall avoiding nasty insect-eating plants! Don't get eaten!

    Play the game!

    I recently teamed up with Sam Whillance, the creator of the JCHTML5 engine for Game Maker. Together, we made a short html5 game for both mobiles and desktop: Fly Trap. Sam took care of the design, development and sound design, while I worked on the visuals.

    If you are a publisher, and you’d like to make an offer for any type of license, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us!


    The game was created with the JCHTML5 framework for GameMaker: Studio. The tweening was made thanks to 8BitWarriors’ Tween GMS engine, which was extremely helpful!

    You can find both Sam and I on twitter: SamWhillance and NathanLovatoArt

    Comments are greatly appreciated! May they be good or bad .

    Cheers, Nathan

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  • Wow, cool game. Simple and fun, reminds me of Flappy Bird but not annoying. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks Tekniko! It's based on Flappy Bird's principle, and even on an existing app that uses clean vector graphics and spikes that appear from the walls. But we tried to offer a different experience with the game's theme. And hopefully, with can later build on this project to design more elaborate gameplay mechanics !

  • First thing that pops into my head; power ups. Like PAC man when he eats a cherry. You could get bonus points for eating the fly traps. So the challenge is still there and there's an incentive to switch up your play style while not changing the mechanics.

  • I will sound like a meanie, but since this game is not done using C2, it should belong to the "open topic" forum rather than the C2 creations.

    Now the main subject: it is better than flappy bird, and it ran nicely on chrome for android on my tablet.

    Graphics wise, I like it, the traps are kind of weird when they eat the screzn, but they are nicely looking, the background is also pretty.

  • Not made is C2? That's disappointing.

  • This game reminds me on Don't Touch Spikes by KetchApp. Great game with nice graphics

  • Tekniko : Ah, why not. We do have a pool of potential improvements for a future game actually. We'll be sure to add your suggestion there.

    Aphrodite : You don't sound like a meanie at all! I guess that I'll let a moderator decide if the thread should be moved or not: I didn't pay attention to the fact that it's for C2 creations actually .

  • Awesome game man!

  • I guess that I'll let a moderator decide if the thread should be moved or not: I didn't pay attention to the fact that it's for C2 creations actually .

    Construct 2 Creations ‹ Completed Creations

    Decision's made, topic moved.

    Please pay more attention next time.

  • Sure, thanks Kyatric.

  • Cool concept! Wouldn't take long to make in Construct 2 either ^_^ - great graphics btw., and looks very polished. Also - and most importantly - it's fun to play

  • Thanks Jakobdam ! Sam just happens to be quite experienced with game maker, so that's why he uses game maker - no need to switch for now. But sure, it would be quite easy to do with construct too. There's notably lunarray's litetween behavior that's great for tweening.

  • I love it.

    Great work guys.

    Cool design, Valerien, very polished.

  • Aaaah yes Valerien - Game Maker, the big competitor

    Nice to see some GM stuff in here too - and I know what you mean; I feel very strongly towards Construct 2 now, and it'll take one hell of a game making environment to make me switch away from it now. Something in between the lines of "read my mind and make the thing" ^_^

    If I may be so blunt as to ask; have you come up with the concept yourself...?

    I was thinking that it reminds me very much of a soccer game I once made, which was a remake/clone of a facebook game. It was back in my dark Adobe Flash (AS2) days... But you've introduced traps, and that gives the game a whole new dimension!

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