[html5 game] Fly Trap

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  • DUTOIT : thanks much for the kind words ! It always means a lot.

    jakobdam : No no, the game is effectively a clone as far as the gameplay is concerned. It's more of a learning exercise, and also a game tailored for html5 game publishers. They certainly don't want too much originality - or mostly on the visuals - and there's unfortunately so much variety you can have in casual, 1 button based gameplay. In general you can add content, variations of the mechanisms and obstacles... but on the html5 market it's really a waste of time, unfortunately: you have to be very productive if you want to make a living. However, it's a good learning experience !

    Well game maker, to put it simply, is an old engine with a large active community. It has quirks, not exceptional performances, but it also offers quite a bit of flexibility and even low-level functions (in particular as far as the rendering is concerned). It has other advantages like the amount of experienced users, and extensions I'd say. It's not better overall, nor necessarily worse than C2. It's different: mature but not so fresh anymore. For someone who has used it for a long time like my teammate Sam though, it's a very solid tool.

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