Is HTML5 failed to fulfill the promises?

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  • Hello, and welcome to the Internet.

    Would any of you be interested in buying a bridge?

  • Well, he made money by using HTML5, not by using C2. Thats a big difference.

  • Well, he made money by using HTML5, not by using C2. Thats a big difference.

    Not big difference.

    Oh, and FYI, it's over $4000 from that game now. The reason I throw out these stats is not to boast, but to show that I do have the experience behind what I'm saying.

    Just because you don't believe it, that doesn't make it false. I have no reason to lie, and I have no reason to prove it to you either.

    Ok, but why would you promote about your book here to anyone who needs help to get their first profit while they wouldnt to spend any stuffs becasue they have no job?

    I would like if you care to share your experiences and a little advice how you got the profit.

  • I don't know how many times I need to say it, but I'm not here to promote my book. If it sells a few copies from me posting here, great. If not, doesn't matter. This is a very small forum.

    Hi, four things:

    I. Your book may be too expensive. USD19.99 should have at least 200 pages.

    2. If you write review of Construct 2 on your blog in the future, please also write detailed reviews of other similar tools on your website. ( GM, Stencyl, GameSalad, Multimedia Fusion and Game Editor.) Your readers should want to know more about different tools. Your professional comments will help your readers.

    3. Many websites only accept Flash games but still don't accept HTML5 game. Why? What is the actual reason? As a result, it is very diffcult to make money with HTML5 games. Do you agree? I hope to read your professional opinions..!

    4. About your September income report:

    I am glad that you share your detailed income report with us. However, the report doesn't show any sale figure of game for Windows platform. Do you abandon Windows platform? Why?

  • I'm pretty sure you guys will be the last ones to say C2 can't make a game as good as GM can, so really there is no difference.


  • True Valhalla,

    WOW! I really learn a lot from your answers.! Thanks!

    <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • newt : You mean a REAL bridge ? On which people can walk ? No way it can exists ! People walk too slowly, the whole bridge will refresh before people are going to go to the other side, and they'll fall !

    True Valhalla : I spent some time reading all your blog and the info you provide are intersting. I think that the problem here is that eveybody isn't over 18 or 20 (depending on the country), or not even from a western country, so $20 can seem a bit costly. But since trusted publisher are hard to find, for somebody working in that field, the intel cost that price. And if you set a too low price, people are going to associate it with content not valuable enough.

    One of my current gripe with HTML5 is the lack of easy possibility to execute native binary code, when you now you are on a trusted environment. That would help to create application mixing HTML5 for GUI and native code for heavy tasks on desktop. There are some possibilities, but nothing straightforward...

  • Just a quick heads-up. I bought his book and it was a simple affiliate marketing style book. Almost no substance. How do you find publishers according to his book ... look it up. If that is worth $20.00 to you, then get it.

    Also, I don't really think he makes that kind of money with HTML5 games. Most of his money comes from selling the book. Remember, buyer beware.

  • Cybrknight I don't buy books, I learn the experiences from the developers, he's just more marketer that game developer.

    He basically targets to new HTML5 game developers and publishers.

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  • Than we agree. That is always nice.

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