How did you hear about Scirra?

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  • I found Construct Classic on a random google search years ago, I found Construct 2 on a random trip back. I realized the shift in the aim of the engine, and was really excited, so I got an account and a copy of the engine!

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  • 2 Years back, I had this game I wanted to make, so I set out going and trying out game makers left and right. About a year ago, one one of the sites I was on, I saw Construct 2. I got it, tired it, and make Sage's Dungeon. Now it's bigger and better.

  • I used to do a lot of stuff in the RPGMaker community. As far as I know, my parallax mapping tutorials were on every major RM website. I knew at some point I wanted to make a platformer, and a friend mentioned this 'awesome engine that could do like anything.' It was early and buggy then, but I gave it a shot, fell in love, and Blight was born.

  • I was looking for an alternative to GM. I stumbled upon your site (Google), downloaded the free version and been hooked ever since.

  • I was in the process of trying to learn HTML5, CSS3, js, and jquery (since they all kinda go together). To help in my learning process I started following js and html5 game tute's on youtube. I found a C2 tutorial on youtube and decided to take C2 for a spin. The first day I downloaded it, I wound up so intrigued and excited, that I stayed up throughout the entire night that evening! Wow this program is so cool!

    Oh and those event sheet examples earlier in this thread with the gals overlapping each other were hysterical!!!! Wow you guys make huge huge funny! Loved it.

  • Construct is one of those pieces of software that I follow and even put a bit of money into because I like what the developers are doing, not because I actually use it all that much (the other notable example probably being Blender -- I must be the Blender community's longest-standing, least knowledgeable lurker).

    A while ago ago I saw an indie dev (can't remember who) prototyping the tiniest little games in Construct, shortly before C2. Nothing special, nothing big, but there was a lot of output. I thought that would be a good way to practise. Lots of tiny little games.

    My intentions were good, but I haven't really found the time for a while now. When C2 came along, I eventually got licence, just in case I ever did find the time and because I thought it was a cool endeavour. Lately things have opened for me at work, so... here I am, trying to learn and engage :)

    Super psyched for R100 on a number of levels.

  • I was essentially looking for an alternative to GameMaker 8.1. I was researching the newest GameMaker Studio and was turned off by the high prices of the individual exporter modules. I was about ready to just give the base package a go anyways, but I decided to Google some GameMaker alternatives. So, that's how I stumbled upon this wonderful Gem, Construct 2.

    I gave the free version a go for a few days and then snagged up an official license and I look forward to playing around with it more. I'll start with recreating a game I made in GameMaker to really get a feel for it. I like this software's style and the way the developers are supporting it and the HTML 5 platform, so thanks for making it!

  • I found the scira forum by search on Google.

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