Google’s Project Hera [Rumor]

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  • ... web-rumor/

    What i find interesting about that:

    [quote:1za67us9]The plan is to allow HTML5 apps to be integrated into native Android apps and the Android platform itself.

  • This has been in speculation for years, but the more valid information the better. Let's cross our fingers for a nearer release than later.

  • sorry but... which would be the impact? html 5 games will run faster and better in android?

  • You'd probably get some performance boost (due to them using a better browser as a wrapper), but I think it would be more about look and feel.

    For instance you could expect zero overlays (no address bar at the top), APIs for accessing phone features, automatic packaging of assets (in some other format that is not APK), direct download from the Play Store, ability to invoke system dialogues and create alerts/reminders, ability to run in the background, etc.

    I am just speculating, though.

  • It's almost same to Firefox OS

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  • This isn't surprising: Google have been publicly working on a Chrome-powered webview for Android since KitKat came out. It doesn't yet have GPU acceleration or WebGL support but looking at their own public bug tracker the next version of Android should catch up completely. This would mean the normal WebView would be comparable to Chrome for Android in features and performance, like Crosswalk. So a normal PhoneGap Build project would run really well on Android (but only that version and newer, so fragmentation will be a pain, and Crosswalk will remain useful for a long time since it works on 4.0+).

    I'd expect they go further and create their own way of publishing "pure" HTML5 apps - like Windows 8 supports, where it's not a web view control in a native app, it really is a whole app made from HTML5 - and possibly also support Chrome Web Store apps, or merge the stores. So then web apps, Chrome Web Store apps, and Android apps all become more or less the same.

    This is great news for Android support! The only problem is how long it will take for the next version of Android to get a wide install base - after they actually release it

  • It's almost same to Firefox OS

    I wish FirefoxOS would overtake Android. Alas, it will probably never happen...

  • Firefox OS 1.3 (Firefox Keon) demostrates my current medium HTML5 game app performance is much better than iPod touch 4 even with crappy and cheaper hardware

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