Google got a new look!

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  • Google is making a new makeover to it's logo!

    Check this: ... pdate.html

  • Modern, hip, understated, mobile, trendy, cheeky, confident, chill!

  • Oh yes I also realized the small tab icon too were changed into brand new looks.

  • After MIcrosoft created the flat looking os everyone have followed their example in visual design after that. Apple. Now Google. Not that it is bad. It is just kind of funny =D

  • After MIcrosoft created the flat looking os everyone have followed their example in visual design after that. Apple. Now Google. Not that it is bad. It is just kind of funny =D

    I find it more interesting than funny. You could study it more from a human behavior standpoint, as well as extract clues as to what it might say about the current population. Visual phenomenon can play a large role in the way a person thinks/acts because it has various stimuli that activate different feelings in an individual. Changes in the visual trend can give clues to changes in the way people think.

    The old google logo had more variability in the letter thickness, whereas the new one has a consistent thickness. The new logo therefor expresses a stiffer, less expressive feeling.

    It can be interesting to think about.

  • Oh yes I am also Realized the small tab icon too là changed Into brand new looks.

      it looks great.

  • I don't like the new Google logo, it looks like the logo for a preschool toy company or something, not that I'm offended by it or anything but yeah, I don't particularly like it...

  • Prominent i had thesame thoughts, thinking it could stand for more a commercial approach and a dont screw with us, we gonna take your money, information and freedom kinda look, while the old logo was more a versatile, fun, experimental kind, funny how you can read into things, but really i dont think it was needed, the old logo was better, now i looks like one in a dozen. , im mostly talking about the flat out gray version in gmail, the color version is better

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  • vtrix , I get the same feel, but there could be a positive to this. Usually there is always balance- if something is rigid and unyielding, it can result with the other side becoming the opposite as a way of escaping it. Or something new will emerge to challenge/balance with it. It's a matter of where the focus is drawn I think.

    I'm naturally one to go the opposite way in most situations, simply as a way to remain unique and my self.

    So, from my perspective, redesigning the logo to be more in-line with what is socially acceptable is not very creative, but it is appropriate considering the context to which it represents.

    I also think that people that copy styles and such things, have yet to find themselves and use it as a way of representing their self superficially. Another possibility is that they don't care who they are, or it doesn't play any importance in who they are- so they represent themselves anyway they want.

    So basically, I look at the logo change as more business oriented, and not necessarily reflective of who they are, since the business revolves around other people. Maybe it is just a reflection of everyone looking at google.

  • Prominent That is actually very well said! That didn't cross my mind at all but now that you mentioned it, it makes sense. Your analysis on how it reflects people, I agree with what you said. Many are just.. Flat, monotonic to use music terms in lack of a better one.

  • i think new logo is simple and beautiful than old logo, Google make a good change.

  • i like the new logo written... but t he new tab icon? thats a bit weird... i kinda got used with the red g+ sign but its good they finally brand their name like a multi billion dollar company .. not not some dude in a garage .. nothing wrong in that.. just you'd expect the logo to be something you know and care... i wold not change the favicon on tabs

  • Simply beautiful

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