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  • I updated google chrome and now it crashes again.At first i get an aw snap!! google chrome has crashed and then the dreaded blue screen of death.So i tested my gfx card to see if there's something wrong with my pc.But everything works like it should.I could not even launch internet explorer after that.So i relaunched my own browser and everything worked fine.Then opened chrome again and now it works lol.

    Has anyone had a similar problem with google chrome?.

  • BSOD usually cannot be caused by software. So I would guess the problem is not Google Chrome. BSOD is usually only caused by driver problems or system errors. Maybe time to reinstall Windows... Chrome is rock solid and totally stable for me here.

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  • Found the problem.The minidump shows a driver that was conflicting with google chrome at startup.I deleted the program which caused the troubles and chrome is back to normal again.

    Maybe the driver of that particular app was corrupted or something.

  • Just to add to this. My colleague had the Aw Snap occurring on his chrome. Turns out that some Dell machines unload the audio drivers when there is no speaker attached. Plug a speaker cable in and it is solved.

    Go figure.

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