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  • hey stumbled upon some game creation tools, one of which is GDevelop, and attracted my little eye... cause looks so familiar.. i said in beginning.. and it it looking so darn familiar.. that meaning looks exactly like Construct2 just with a new face... im guessing is based on the Construct classic or something similar... which is open source... as Gdevelop.. so im guessing thats why their on open source also... they aren't that well known.. but seen a few games with potential... and they say it has a 3d element thing? not sure what that is about...

    anyone used it? what is the power inside it? what are the limitations? is it a rip off ? i know its free but i meant is it just another clone? or is something new that might have something good to offer in future?

    i kinda dont see how they are still up... since its open source ...

  • There is something like "Search" on the forum, You can use it to answer all your questions before even asking them! - magic -

  • shinkan i see your point... however the topics, i did read them before, just they dont really say why its buggy, or what it can do... it only says its bad ... i was mainly asking what its different since its a copycat made by people around www .. nevermind consider topic closed. i cant delete it anymore.. my bad...

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  • Just a detail (I'm GDevelop lead developer): GDevelop is not based on Construct Classic code source. It was started at the same time that construct classic and evolved separately.

    It has many things that look the same (like the interface or the events) and many difference (missing some plugins compared to Construct 2, but has other unique features like scene stacking or native export. And it's open source)

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