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  • Hey! I recently attended the Nordic Game Conference, where Sony had a few lectures, and i got to speak to some of them.

    Technically, now we can all get our games on the PS4 - even with Construct 2.

    Earlier the developer needed the proper tools and SDK, with a painful road from prototype to PSN - generally a messy system. Now however, you can send a pitch/design document, along with a demo (any platform). So basically if you have a really awesome project made in Construct 2 you can send it to Sony for approval.

    Problem is of course, you'd still have to port it if you got the green light. What I'm thinking is that, if you get that greenlight from Sony on your C2 demo/game, there shouldnt be a problem to get the amount of funding needed to port it, or even get some programmers do it on a hobby-basis. Who wouldnt want to participate in a project due to release on PS4?

    What do you guys think? I see it as a possibility, of course not a seamless alternative, and definitely not for everyone - but Sony is basically giving "everyone" a shot at a spot within the PS4 library of games.

  • of course I am going to submit games to Sony :)

  • era,

    You're absolutely correct indeed, "Who wouldn't want to participate in a project due to release on PS4?".

    That's a fantastic opportunity, nice work scoping out the prospect!   <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • NotionGames looking forward to seeing your games at the PSN then! :)

    Blacksmith I'll definitely look at the possibilites of doing it myself when the time is right!

  • era,

    I'd also love the opportunity to do this. But as you say, it is important to choose the right time (and the right game). I hope that one day my games will be of a high enough standard to realise this possibility.

    Good luck to you and NotionGames, I really look forward to seeing your creations on PS4 :)

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