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  • I am developing educational learning content using Construct 2 and was dreading having to get my Construct 2 content to meet the SCORM standards in order to pass data to the Learning Management System (LMS). I found this article which made my day. It is about a new API called the Tin Can API which works to record many of our common learning experiences and translates them into credit for the new understanding and/or learning you or your students/employees just completed. As a teacher, often I hear teachers making the statement, ?He/She is smart, but they just are so lazy and will not do their homework. Well why not give them credit for being smart by allowing them to demonstrate how much they know, research, and understand about the world they live in even if it is not a teacher contrived homework experience.

    If you are a Construct 2 Ed game developer or make any cool game that some one can learn from who wants to make inroads into educational market, this is a very simple way to support a teacher's/employer's ability to track what someone has experienced or learned from their activity while playing your game, (highly interactive content). I am a teacher and Technology Coordinator and have been in charge of purchasing $10s of thousands of dollars worth of digital/online educational content in the past. Only to later recommend that we no longer purchase the product again just because the teachers were struggling with logging into each of the 16 to 20 different UI system to glean what students had learned in the math, reading, writing, etc program. Most would not spend the time because it just was not worth it. The cost to benefit just never could not be quantified, so I often would have to recommend we dumped many of the programs.

    With the Tin Can API in your game, the teacher would just log into the Student Learning Recorded (SLR) and see what the users progress was. It is worth looking into. I am a Moodle Learning Management Systems (LMS) administrator and just learned that Moodle is building their own SLR module into Moodle. Other LMS providers are also adding this feature. The client side is free and schools/companies would have to have a SLR server for receiving the SLR data. Moodle's SLR will be apart to the LMS and I believe it will be free. I not sure what other LMS providers will do. There are cost/per models explained, but school would bare the cost and your game would just take advantage of the feature making it much more valuable to the organization. Enough said. Everything else is explained very well on the Tin Can API site.


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  • Very interesting, specially that, as you mention, integrating it into a game will show the student progress!

    Thanks for the info EmpowerMan

  • Hi, is there anyway to run the exported game on a LMS, im using cornerstone wich demands a .zip but i get error when uploading, Corner Stone refers that there is no valid content. anyone know on how to upload a game on to a LMS with SCORM

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