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  • Hey everyone,

    I got an email from a guy who's in the process of starting up a new freeware game hosting site, called GameJolt. You can host your games there for free and it aims to gain developers some exposure with their games as well.

    Anyone interested or wanna try it out?

  • There's also, aiming at indie developers. A (very) few people have uploaded games to it (though one of them was agj... he put The Lake on it )

    But honestly, I think GameJolt looks better

  • Hey, guys. This is the lead developer of Game Jolt.

    Just wanted to let everyone know that incomplete games/WIPs can also be added to the site. The only things that's required to add a game is a title and description. You can release screenshots, news articles, files, etc. as they become available.

    If anyone has any suggestions/feedback for the site, feel free to post it here and I'll check back every once in a while.

  • Just wanted to let everyone know, there was a bug in the sign up code that was requiring people to sign up for the newsletter to register. This has been taken care of. Sorry if this deterred anyone from signing up.

  • Hey mate, nice site

    This is a really cool idea, and will really help spread the word about independantly developed games. Kudos for hosting it and not expecting anything in return.


  • Thanks for the encouragement, Sol!

    For anyone who has games up on it, developers can now add videos for their games, so if you've got a trailer or something, go and check that feature out. Also, this may help for incomplete games to show developmental progress.

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  • Hey guys. Sorry to bring this back from the grave.

    Ashley, did you ever get my email? I'd like to get Construct onto Game Jolt pretty soon. Also, I do have something else I'd like to swing by you guys.

    We're also currently working on making an open source games section of the site. You can read some discussion on it at the FreeGameDev forums: It's shaping up to be really pretty cool. Some good ideas.

    Oh, and I actually used Construct finally. Wow! You guys did such a great job on it. I actually plan on making a game with it. So, in ten years when I get around to it, look out for it. I've got some pretty neat ideas I'd like to try out.

  • lol 10 years, with that attitude itll be delayed to 30 lmao

  • lol 10 years, with that attitude itll be delayed to 30 lmao

    LOL, give him a break.... he just admits he's lazy and it will take a long time... unlike myelf and lots of others here who pretend it's gonna be a quick job and it ends up taking forever anyway xD

    Now, getting back to what I was working on.... NOTHING!


  • Haha, I wouldn't say lazy. I'm just in the middle of too much stuff right now, so I can only fit it in in small doses.

  • Ah, might've missed that email, I've got no internet at the moment (housemate trod on the router power supply or something), I'll check it out when my home interweb is back.

  • Sorry for the bump, but anyone else have a problem viewing this site? Using Firefox it comes out messed up and it looks like the CSS isn't working at all, but with Google Chrome it runs fine.

    I cleared my cache and all but still no luck. Any other Firefox users encountering this problem?

  • Hey, Shady. What version of FireFox are you using? I just tested it out in 2 and 3 and things seem to be looking fine.

  • I'm running Firefox 3. So it's working for you? I guess it must be my laptop...

    This is how it turns out:

    <img src="">

  • Thanks for notifying us of the bug. I may have a few ideas as to why that may happen, although I've never witnessed anything like that. The problem is definitely that the stylesheets are not loading for you. I'll check into it and get back to you.

    Thanks for your interest in the site!

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