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  • It seems to be working now...

    By the way, great site!

  • Thanks! Glad you like it. And if you or anyone else has any features they'd like, just let me know. This site was made for you guys.

    As for the glitch, I actually didn't touch anything on the site, so it must've been a hiccup with FireFox, or your connection, or even the server.

  • I love the site! I just have yet to make anything that everyone else will love, to post there.

  • I think the site should be extended so that indies could also sell their games on these sites. One of the problems with indie-development is that people seem to think that indie games have to be free of charge.

    I think we'd make much more progress if indie developers would also be payed for their work - Look at the iPhones AppStore. If there's money involved, developers will hopefully deliver something that's not pure and utter crap and customers will be happy enough spending a couple bucks for something that's really well developed. Look at games like Cave Story - I wouldn't have a problem paying 15-20 bucks for a title like that.

    So maybe you guys should focus on both these things - free games and commercial indie games. For every commercial game there should be a demo version like on XBLA, so people could try everything and decide on what they'd want to spend their money on.

  • We're trying not to release too much information about future plans on the site. However, let's just say you did hit the nail on the head with that suggestion. I guess I'll also say, ad revenue sharing is also planned. Freeware game developers should be able to make money from their games, too. We'd like to get a stronger base of freeware games first, though. There's many plans for this site, but things have to pick up a bit more first.

    We're currently building out the site into two sections right now: Freeware and Open Source. More sections are planned for the future. The site will be a fully inclusive indie gaming source.

    We're also working on an API so that other sites can pull our information. It's almost ready to be put into a public beta stage. I've had some talk with Ashley about using the API to pull Construct games off of Game Jolt to make a listing of all the games made with Construct. I think this would be very valuable to the community.

    We want Game Jolt to be THE place for game developers to get their games out there. Whether it's a freeware game, an open source game, an indie game, flash game, game mod, whatever.

    This may sound fairly pathetic, but we really need everyone's help. If anyone's interested in helping get the word out, just let us know. We need as many people as we can to get this into the hands of as many developers as we can. Only then can it take off. We could easily add some features into the site so that indie developers can sell their games, but if no one's coming, what's the point?

    If anyone has any ideas of blogs that we'd be able to contact or forums or anything, just let me know.

  • Kotaku is one of the biggest game blogs I know and tons of people go there daily.

  • Sorry for the late reply.

    Kotaku is more geared towards gamers and commercial games, right? I'm not sure if they'd want to cover a story on an indie game hosting site...

  • Kotaku does occasionally do indie game posts.

  • But I'm pretty sure they'd only be interested if that stuff grabs their readers attention. Right now, we have the tool and the tool still has a few kinks (that's why controller support is important, btw) and there aren't really ambitious projects out there yet.

    If the next 'Braid' is being built with Construct, you can bet your nuts they're gonna do a lot on press on that - but right now, it's more of a 'wow, lots of potential there' thing, which is cool for creators but boring for gamers.

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  • Braid is being built with Construct?

    Maybe the key would be to release shorter games based on single ideas kind of like Eversion or something.

  • Braid is being built with Construct?


    Wait, were you kidding? I can't tell

  • Oops! I read Thomas' post wrong.

    Nevermind about that.

  • braid can easily be build using construct, even world of goo could be made using it.

  • braid can easily be build using construct, even world of goo could be made using it.

    How would you do the time scaling thing in Construct? Like, rewinding time? Or creating a shadowed copy of yourself? Is that stuff possible with TimeDelta / TimeScale, etc.?

  • Timescale would most like not enter into any sort of custom playback/rewind control scheme, and timedelta is pretty much only used for moving things relatively in regards to framerate, regardless of whether you're going "in reverse."

    You would have to record all player movement periodically in an array or some such, logging player speed, x/y, direction, etc. as a sort of script to follow. When rewinding, run the script backwards. When spawning a copy, give the copy the script to follow. It would all be terribly complex and more than likely require a 100% custom movement engine to work properly.

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