Forbes:Thought SOPA Was Bad, Meet ACTA

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  • Looks like George Orwell was only about thirty years off the mark...

  • [TUBE]uH4WE6bcgTU[/TUBE]



  • Jesus.....

    I dont want to be cynical, but it seems like its only a matter of time now before we'll be telling new generations of the 'great time' that the internet had very few regulations. :(

    I remember (many years ago) laughing hard when i first heard that a company was intending on selling bottled water too...


    It's bigger than you think.

  • No matter, the world is going to blow up in December this year anyway... so who cares?

    On a serious note, I'd like to burn all of these so-called "leaders" at the stake. When a REAL leader comes in to play (see Kevin Rudd, ex PM of Australia) they get stabbed in the back by their own party and thrown out?! Why? Because they are doing the RIGHT THING for the people, instead of playing the corrupted game of "who can be the biggest asshole, ever".

    It really makes me sick.

    Zombie apocalypse, please hurry up... I won't need video games to soothe me any more. :/


  • Well at least we had a democratic vote on it here in the UK; ow wait!...

    I personally can't see who wins from this. It's not like this stops the selling of pirate material.

    If anything it promotes it. As the risk of hosting/downloading pirated material increases so does the value of the material. Cutting down on downloads will lead to the production of more copied dvds/blu rays on the black market at a higher cost.

    o.O. Supply and demand.

  • I already did mention and link it here, and it kept being uncommented, so that I feared there is no sense for it.

    I'm glad it gets attention at least when posted as a new thread, as it is much to important to not get attention.

  • I have showed this to at least 200 people now.

    Honestly, this can't get through... there's just no way.


  • I have showed this to at least 200 people now.

    Honestly, this can't get through... there's just no way.


    I also feel very passionate about this. It will destroy all hope, dreams, and freedoms. This must be stopped at all costs.

    When your government shuts down the internet, shut down your government.




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  • Wouldn't the internet be brutally slow if this happened? Their conveyer belt analogy of packets coming and going was only mostly accurate. Files aren't transferred in one packet. So for an ISP to meaningfully scan your data they would have to wait for all of the packets of a particular file to arrive then scan it. Not only do they have to determine what the file is, but they would also have to determine if it is copyrighted before sending it on. During which time your ISP would have to block the packets from getting to you in order to make sure you don't get your counterfeit data. This process would have to be repeated for every file and every user.

  • just found out about this

    completely unbelievable

    as an american, I'm pissed; if I were british, I'd be really pissed.

    I'm a little late hearing about this - but a British citizen, Richard O?Dwyer, is being extradited to the US for copyright infringement. Apparently, it isn't even illegal in the UK, at least not the way he did it.

    short response from president Barack Obama, and general overview by BBC

    interview with mother on

    This whole thing is getting so far out of hand, it's ridiculous. The US "Justice" Dept is trying to enforce US law worldwide. Once again, this agreement to be able to extradite on a whim is based on 9/11 and terror, and now they're just using it as a means of control. It's very aggravating that only the powerhungry seem to rise to power. I suppose it's a an obvious correlation, but still inconvenient for the rest of us humans just trying to live our lives.

  • Two words for to this. FU*K LOGIC.

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