Your favorites features in C2 or things you'd love to see

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  • Just a little topic where I ask "what is your favorite feature in C2"

    I think it was a competition two years ago, but since then, C2 has changed a lot, So I ask ^^

    And also, what would you like to see one day in C2?

    As for myself:

    -Functions is my favorite feature, it makes the code soooo easier to read, and to edit, and also to write, I feel like using a cheat code as it become so easy with functions, and when they can't pick object by default, at the end you just have to pass an UID into a parameter and to pick instance with, and that does the trick, and functions aren't at all a problem performance wise *-*

    -My second favorite thing is the HTML5 exporter, it is great, just great, it makes it possible to have great games inside a browser, without too much downloading time (due to all optimisations that are done upon export), I dislike the fact teh offline.appcache works like that though... but that is another story

    As for the thing I'd love to see inside C2:

    -Ways to import from other projects easily.

    And you, what is your opinion?

  • I also love functions! They are absolutely necessary for good coding.

    I also like groups and the option to enable/disable them

    I'd love to see something like a Hashtable and/or associative array. I really love RexRainbows HashTable Plugin. Without it, I'd have a lot of trouble to communicate with backend.

  • Vuuv - the Dictionary object is an associative array.

  • But dictionary just has one dimension, hasn't it?

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  • Things I like:

    • Plugins written in javascript
    • Can interface with page elements
    • Sub-events
    • ForEach / Ordered ForEach
    • Breakpoints, stepping and the debugger in general
    • Multiple/stacked/layered WebGL effects
    • Rotatable layers
    • "Including" event sheets, and the separation of event sheets and layouts
    • Global/Local variables
    • Check collision at offset (without having to move the object or create a "detector")
  • Love to see runtime editable hotspots.

  • I like the family feature most I guess.... really helpful.

    What I would like to see is an official Scirra game, with the little helmet-monster and the pirate princess^^

  • Functions are great.

    But! ...

    Functions could use more handling refinement though. I'd like to be able to rename functions and the new name be updated in all occurrences. Some sort of intellisense when calling functions would be great too. I always have to lookup how I named the function...

    I'd love to have an event-sheet <-> code-view switch. I know, it's all in an xml-format so this would make this wish difficult to implement.

    Oh, last one, I have an extra sheet I use for my todos, bugs, wips and finished. I'd like to be able to toggle comments on/off like normal commands with a strike-through.

    Ok, now the very last one Please allow comments everywhere. I know, it's not a nice habit, but sometimes it would be very helpful to be able to comment inside a block.

    Besides that, all is fine

  • I love work with families and functions

    I'd love to have groups for global variables


    As Smolli already mentioned I also would like to be able writing comments everywhere.

    2. Breakpoints

    Everytime when I get the message "Breakpoints cannot be set in triggered or looping branches" I think:

    What a pity! Why not?!? I can do this in other programming languages

    (Anyhow, C2 is great)

  • I would like an array editor (and dictionary editor).

  • A visual editor of arrays/database. So instead of importing CVS files, it would be nice to heave a simple spreadsheet editor/viewer to edit a database of information and view it during debugging directly in construct2. That would possibly make it more accessible for games that rely on huge chunks of stats and string data (like rpg games, this is one of the strengths of rpg maker over c2)

    The other feature for me is- a native linux and macosx editor. I dont know how difficult it would be to get over the directx dependencies, but perhaps this would help? ... inux-games

    my fear is that microsoft is moving away from the desktop pc.

  • A Linux editor would be amazing. I know before they had mentioned having to rewrite it, but as you posted links to this DX to OGL thing, it should make things easier on that end!

    Linux is becoming the primary gaming platform. As a matter of fact, if we are talking casual games (where the market currently sits nice and cozy) then Linux is already the primary platform for gaming. It only makes sense to have a Linux editor. Microsoft will likely retire as the business platform, the true successor to IBM. This makes it an inconsistent system with the direction of gaming. Luckily we have Linux these days, and it's not going to be a recurrence of the dark ages (the 1980's that is, too many platforms, no standard).

  • I'm in no way a Linux expert, and I'm not thinking "OMGOMGOGM WE MUST HAVE LINUX SUPPORT NOW!", but to be honest, if there was Linux support (NOT necessarily native Linux support, but advice on how to get it running most efficiently/stable under Wine or something), then I'd be a lot more driven to move on to Ubuntu. I've used Ubuntu before and it's really nice, just feels like a lot to get used to and learn, and I can't work with C2 under it because Wine would crash when I view the layout editor, C2 is a primary application that I use daily.

    Plus there's tonnes of hype going towards Linux thanks to Valve, and I have seen a lot of posts asking about Construct 2 in Linux, which suggests it'd be cool to have at least a method to run C2 under Linux.

  • Using open libraries would make it easier to port from Win to Lin. It's not about "omgomg linux support" it's about a people's platform. We're spending thousands on computers, more on software, so it's nice to know there is a free operating system that allows people who can't afford Windows (or simply don't want to use it, or can't use it, etc) to be able to get work done. It's everywhere. It's already in most consumer electronics for its ease of use for developers (and extremely low cost of $0.00, that's USD) and it's what powers Android.

    C2 may be the best software out there for designing HTML5 games, but all the others (except Game Maker) have a Linux version.

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