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  • I need a opinion about cut-scenes to the game I making. I have 2 options:

    • Make the cut-scenes a Movie file, and then play them in construct.
    • Make the animations them-selves in Construct.

    Well, the first is easyer and faster. Anyway, the second one allows me to have some small cut-scenes in the middle of the game, just some "chat" between the players.

    Now, the old "Sorry about my English".

  • Movie files can take a lot of megabytes space because each frame gets saved.

    So if you plan on distributing the game as a download, I'd go for the second option because it could reduce download size.

  • I wouldn't suggest having cut-scenes at all. It's nothing personal or anything remotely like that. But it's rare a cut-scene is enjoyable. They require so much work to make them good enough to not disrupt the game and keep the player genuinly interested, that few get them right. Even the big companies fail more times than they succeed, at doing them.

    Some "chat" between players sounds like it could be quite dull if made to sit through it. Sure, could (and should) include a skip button/key. But then that risks missing important game related information if you've put any in the cut-scene. Which probably isn't recommended, due to so many wishing to skip them.

    Though it is besides the point right now as construct can't really play video properly. It can, it has a plugin for it. But you'll notice you can't get rid of the controls on it. So you'd be better off animating it within the game, using your characters. Like how Zelda, Mario etc. are done. Just try avoid making them too important, or unskippable. Pretty please.

  • [quote:3umoht5n]But it's rare a cut-scene is enjoyable.

    I have to disagree with you here. I know you're the kind of person who hates cutscenes and always skips through them. But I think story is an important part of gaming (for story-driven games anyway) and I enjoy cutscenes. I watch every one in every game I play.

    At least the first time through. I only skip them on repeated views.

    As for missing important information from skipping cutscenes and dialogue... well... that's the purpose of custscenes and dialogue. It's your own fault you're missing that information if you skip it.

    It's like reading the manual. I mean, why wouldn't you? It teaches you how to play the game. But so many people skip that too, argh!

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  • Well, the cut-scenes I'm talking about are something like in Avatar: The Game, where the character tells you what is the next mission, or what is happening.

  • Yeah, I agree with you deadeye, I think cut-scenes are important. For example, did someone has played GTA Vice City fo Game Boy Advance? It's a game like it I'm doing, and the cut-scenes are really important. Anyway, I think I will do by the second way, but I want more opinions.

  • Well, the cut-scenes I'm talking about are something like in Avatar: The Game, where the character tells you what is the next mission, or what is happening.

    Well do you really need something as extravagant as an animation to do that?

    My answer would probably depend on how big the project is.

  • Well, I think so. But lets explain. I'm making a game like GTA for GBA, but for Knight Rider Two Thousand 2010 (the new one ). For example, I want to make the first mission as in the film, where the cut-scene is the car being shot by a missile. The objective is arrive in the choosen point befor the time over. I really dont need very complex scenes, just something like: the car is moving, it chenges the direction, it stops, Mike (the character) goes out of the car. Just things like that.

  • I never said cut-scenes weren't important. I said the majority make them shit, and annoying, and unskippable "because it's got important story information in so you have to watch it". And boring cut-scenes that have to be watched if you wanna get anywhere will soon have players clicking the merciful X in the sky.

    That game you suggested to me deadeye. It did look good. But honestly? It felt like everything I did, triggered another cut scene. I enjoy a good cut-scene, when it's done well, and when it's my choice to watch it through or skip it and maybe watch it some other time. But a good game shouldn't have to rely on it's cut-scenes to include important information. Furthering the story, sure. But game breaking if not watched. That's bad game design.

    So yeah. I don't mind cut-scenes. I just honestly can't think of any that are all that good right now.


    Ok scorch posted just as I was about to post this one. So yeah, those "cut-scenes" aren't really cut-scenes, so those are fine. When you mentioned wanting to playback video, you gave an entirely different impression.

  • Ok scorch posted just as I was about to post this one. So yeah, those "cut-scenes" aren't really cut-scenes, so those are fine. When you mentioned wanting to playback video, you gave an entirely different impression.

    Yes, I realized the misunderstanding. Anyway, my cut-scenes tend to be simple, short and interesting.

  • On Topic:

    The avi object will show playback controls, so you probably want to avoid video files for this reason only.

    Off Topic

    I hate cutscenes, I love manuals. O_o

    Whenever a cutscene comes up, my mind goes "oh, I gotta stop playing and watch. I wonder how long it will keep me from playing". I really enjoy GTA's dialogue en-route to the mission location, you're still playing and you're also getting briefed, kinda like HL2's in-game cutscenes but better.

    My take : Cutscenes are a holdover from movies, just like old movies had a holdover from books so they had a lot of text to read at the beginning and end. Movies got rid of that and we should get rid of cutscenes too.

  • I feel cut-scenes are important, and they should exist even in games that don't really strive to tell a story. Why? Because it helps set the tone, the mood and the style of the game. It gives you a connection to the game beyond simply pressing keys and watching the results. It also helps you identify your game instead of (using the example in this thread) just being another GTA clone. If someone wants to play GTA for the gameplay, they will just go play GTA... which are free now. You have to do more than just add one or two things to the gameplay that differs from the actual GTA.

    If a game won't let you skip a cutscene and it bothers you, you are playing the wrong game to begin with as it is one placing an emphasis on story.

  • humm GTA was just an example. You could easily do the same style of "briefing" and story advancement in other kind of games.

    As another example that is far, FAR away from GTA (besides HL2, I mean): Wing Commander advanced a good part of the story with radio chatter (though the main dish was lengthy cutscenes, sadly).

    Another one: Mech Warrior 3 only did briefing during level loads, most of the story happened in-game via radio chatter and in-game events.

  • Maybe I'm just too old school to hate cutscenes. When I was a kid there were no cutscenes in any game. The first game I played that had them was Ninja Gaiden on NES, and that was pretty much revolutionary. The opening scene set a nice mood for the story, and the ones in between levels were like a reward for advancing in the game.

    I still see cutscenes that way. They do nothing but enhance the experience for me, and reward me for playing well enough to move on. I don't see them as a hindrance at all.

    But I guess I can see how they could be taken for granted in this age of cutscene-centric games. And things like Final Fantasy with their long-ass summon scenes, or Metal Gear with 90 minute scenes don't really help matters.

  • I read all opinions, and I think that cut-scenes are something like: "Do you like fish?"

    Anyway, I will make them skipable, and also in Construct.

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