CURIOUS - How Many Simultaneous Projects?

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  • Okay guys,

    Out of sheer curiosity, how many projects are you working on simultaneously (not counting on the back-burner)?

    It would be great if we could work on one thing and get it done before moving on the next project, but I doubt for most of us that's natural. Like an artist staring at a blank canvas, moving on to something else can help erode a mental block...

    So - Not necessarily every day, but at least projects that you're conciously thinking about?

    For me - Although I tend to focus on only one at a time, there FIVE major ones that I'm always concious of. Each one (mostly) different from the other.

    I try to write EVERYTHING down, and in total I have another dozen rough draft ideas... (some day BACON MAN will live!)

    But how about you - how many are you working on simultaneously?

  • Two.

    Well, actualy 6 but I'm focusing on 2, but the others always come to my mind. But if I don't focus I will never finish any.

    So... Two.

  • It might be a bit different for hobbyist vs. money-making, but I typically work on 4 - 5 products at the same time. It's not all from scratch though, some stuff is on finished products that need some parts reworked for certain clients (change logos/texts for example).

  • I normally have two new projects on the go and a third that needs updating.

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  • I have one game project and a million art projects.

  • I have one game project and a million art projects.

    I think you just described every one of us artists in a single go,

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