Crusader No Remorse / No Regret

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very well animated and lovely designed chibi knights suitable for coop team play.
  • Anyone remeber that game?

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    I can honestly say that this was the best game of my childhood.

    Beautiful visuals, awesome gameplay. Main hero!

    And it's been added to GOG lately for $5.99.

    If you never played that, you should go and play now.

  • loved it. but the aiming took some time to get used to. but that exlosions and weapons... nothing ever since gave me THIS amount of satisfaction when blowing things up.

    And who says people are good by nature lol?

    Oh and the storyline and cinematics pawns most of nowadays games.

    Of course th graphics are dated but the content - hell no!

    i still dream about 3rd part in 3D with next gen graphics... :(

  • i run it at full screan (gog have nice options menu) and it still looks awesome - only animations are a bit choppy, but you know this game is a legend :D

  • 6$ for a title that is nearly 20 years old?

    It's a good game, but I'm not sure what to think of people who buy over rights of abandonwares to sell them that high...

  • I think you paying that much not cause of a game but more like for a guys who made that work on any new OS, witch is still funny, cause you can have dosbox for free, and make it work by yourself - if you have a game. 6$ isn't that much at all, for that you have a nice game (yes with oldskool graphics) to play for hours, not like some great new titles.

  • oh come on! 6$ are like what? a pack of smokes.

    dont be so greedy :P

  • $6 for a pack of smokes? More like $15-$20+ over here depending what you smoke... and they say that Americans are "in financial trouble".


    Anyway, I loved Crusader... it was awesome :D


  • woah! really??

    over here, in Poland i buy pack of my cigs for about 10 PLN = 5$ = 2-3euros

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  • Focus. Crusader!

    But here (Quebec) it costs me 7$ for a pack of 20.

    Ok Focus. Crusader, that is SO awesome I wish I could play this game again. I just installed my old X-Com 2: Terror From Deep and gosh, that's still my best game ever. That and Elder Scroll: Arena.

  • I wish I could play this game again.

    whats holding you?

  • I don't own it and don't know where I can get it :(

  • from what country are you again?

    i assume you want to get it legitly.

  • I'm from Canada, I don't bother if it's legit or not. But since we're on a public forum let's say that if you have more information you should contact me via PM :D

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