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Chibi Crusader Knight 2D Sprite

very well animated and lovely designed chibi knights suitable for coop team play.

very well animated and lovely designed chibi knights suitable for coop team play.

Chibi Crusader Knight 2D Sprite

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    Royalty Free use in unlimited commercial greater creative works.

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  • 1.0

    Released: 27 Feb, 2021

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Very well animated and lovely designed chibi crusader knight. Populate your platformer / sidescroller game with these cute knights. Put them in a beat’em up

game and smash waves of enemys.

5 Color Presets

The package includes a red, an orange, a blue and a green crusader. Perfect to have a coop gameplay or make a multiplayer game where every color represents a different player.

The 5th color is a neutral colored crusader which can be used as a NPC.

50 Animations

Bring your game to life with a variety of animations.

- air attack a

- air attack b

- attack a (primary attack)

- attack b (primary attack)

- attack c (overhead)

- attack d (uplifting strike)

- attack e (spinwheel)

- cast fireball(magic, ranged attack)

- dance

- dash backward

- dash forward

- die a

- die b

- default pose

- duck

- happy greeting

- horse attack a

- horse attack b

- horse gallop

- horse idle

- hurt a

- hurt idle

- i must pee(fun anim)

- idle a

- idle b

- jump a

- jump b

- jump c

- kick

- lay

- lift heavy object

- lift idle

- lift walk

- roll

- run

- run attack

- scared

- shield block

- shield equip

- shoot arrow(ranged attack)

- sit

- sleep

- slide

- steady guard

- swim

- swim idle

- throw

- walk

- idle(mount)

- gallop(mount)

Minor Header

High Quality Animations

Animations are done using the free and powerful animation software DragonBones.

Editable and Customizable Animations

you can edit existing animations and modify to suit your needs.

Editable and Customizable Character

you can edit the character and modify to suit your needs.

100% Vector

Characters are drawn in Adobe Illustrator CC a vector based drawing tool.


Animations are exported as png sprites.

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    27 Feb, 2021

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