Construct Race track made with unity3d

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  • Here's a screenshot off a racing game i am creating with unity3d.This is the Construct Raceway track.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • looks nice :)

    Is that a full license ? :O

  • thanks michelangelo ,Yes it's the full licensed version.I am working with a team and we all clubbed in to buy the full license.The only major difference is the shadows and the water ,And too many realtime shadows can really slow things down.Luckily there's an option to use lightmapping for prerendered shadows.

  • "looks nice :)

    Is that a full license ? :O"

    You know..

    Sometimes you can be a pirate, a free pirate.

    Google iz your friend ;)

  • You know..

    Sometimes you can be a pirate, a free pirate.

    It's true unity3d can be cracked or pirated ,But you don't get all the support and resources that you do get when buying the legit license.And the cracked version only supports iphone and android , No ps3 or xbox360 support either.And Cracks or pirated stuff are usually stuffed with viruses and all sorts off nasty malware.So google can also be your worst enemy ;)

  • These forums are not the place to discuss pirated/cracked software. Please get back on topic or we will close the thread!

  • Let's stick to the topic like ashley said.I am also creating some new track assets for this particular track ,will show some more screenshots when they are finished.

  • Scirra is afraid if there some threads to discuss about the pirated softwares, I don't believe some indie companies owned a full version of unity3D because this software is kinda complex for an individual...

    Actually, you can sell your games made by Unity3D free.

    Anyways, there a competitor to Unity3d is Shiva 3D which offers a lot of features than Unity3D.

  • This is a work in progress scirra blimp model for the scirra track.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Making some progress with the track and the racing cars.Big thanks goes out to CTR-J for his jcar scripts and assets.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • This is looking damn good!!

  • Can i know which car script are you using for this game????

    and for which platform are you developing this racing game????

    by the way the track looks awesome..

  • Some updates to the scirra track.Made a rearview mirror,topdown map and some spectators.Next on the list will be some proper ai cars , A Track selection screen and the ability to upgrade the car's suspension ,engine etc.Thank's to everyone for your compliments.

    ratedxr : Got the car scripts from ctrl-j.The game will be available for windows and android.As soon as i have a beta demo ready i will post it on my website.

    Here's another screenshot with the updates.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • you have created track on 3ds max and imported on unity engine??

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  • ratedxr : Made the track with blender 2.49 and exported it to fbx format for unity.The trees and rocks were from the unity package on the unity website.And the hummer car asset is from ctrl-j.I modified the cars textures ,Did the track model and made the 2d spectators with daz3d's chars.I also did the rearview mirror and the map.

    I will post the demo game on this thread as soon as its finished.

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