Construct Race track made with unity3d

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  • Made a few adjustments.And here it is ,The scirra track raceway demo You may download it at Download Scirra raceway track Demo

    Enjoy <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

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  • nice work mate...

    so your developing this game alone?

  • ratedxr : Basically on my own yes.Got some friends helping me out with the beta testing ,Sounds and music for the game.For me unity is alot like construct.The ease off use ,Fantastic drag and drop interface etc...

  • kool.

    so when your gonna complete the game?

    and where will you can sell this game?

  • ratedxr : If nothing goes wrong it should be finished within 3 months time.The full game will be 100% free ,seeing that this is my 1st attempt at a racing game with unity3d.I will luanch the game on my website once it's completed.

    If there's enough interrest then i will create updates to the game and sell the updates like new cars , Upgrades to engines etc..The android version will also be free.I am also thinking off selling some off my assets from the unity store.I have made some 3d models and textures which are unity3d ready models.

    I am busy with the car ai scripts now.There are a few good scripts out there on car ai ,but i want to create my own scripts because theres a destruction derby type mode within the game as well.So i have to create separate models for each car.One with damage and one without damage.

  • great so you have your website?

    so do you only work on this game or do you have job also some else?

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