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    Hi Ashley and Tom! Just wanted to ask what got you into making a game engine and did you do anything before work wise?

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    Ash was the original brains behind it all and invited me in later! It started when Ash couldn't find a tool that could do what he wanted for his ambitious RTS game, so built his own engine. History from there!

    He did an internship at Microsoft whilst at University, then went straight into Scirra. I did a year or twos work in various places before joining him.

    Ashley's also well known in the MMF / Clickteam days for his plugins under "Tigerworks"

    There was another member of Scirra (David I think?) but he disappeared in the early Construct Classic days.

    Crazy to think how many years it has been since those early Construct beta days :o

    Edit: Ah here's Ashley's post about it:

    I thought they removed mention of any competitor... this is different though.

    Davo and I used to write extensions for MMF 1.5. I myself wrote about 18 extensions under the alias "Tigerworks" (listed here), some very powerful with a great deal of work spent on them. I did it all voluntarily, for free. (I did get a free license and a small gift payment after finishing Iso Grid 2, though.) Eventually we got frustrated with limitations in making extensions and got started with our own editor, Construct Classic. Despite all the work we'd done for them off our own back they took serious issue to this. I suppose they wanted us to keep doing voluntary work for them instead of giving them a new competitor.

    Anyways at the time this went down badly: we were young and immature at the time, so we had a certain amount of insensitivity and bravado about starting our own project. I regret that we didn't handle it well, but on the other hand, neither did they - threats were made against us, and it was a pretty bad time for all.

    Since then there's always been some tension. It's a shame, but at the end of the day all we want to do is write good software, and competition makes everyone work harder, so the users win. It's also made worse by users of either program stating strong opinions (read: being involved in flamewars), so please be careful about what you say about the subject, either here or on any other website. It was all over long ago so there's not much new for anyone to comment on - everyone's heard it all before. Also, they're free to control their forums as they see fit - if they don't want posts about competitors on there, well, they don't have to.

    That post is 7 years old (wow!) and it's talking about events that happened years ago even then - I think it's been over 10 years now... instead of digging up old stories let's all move on and focus on making great software and games. Sorry to do this but I think it's in everyone's best interest to close the thread and leave it be.

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