Wow ClickTeam Hates Construct!

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    I posted a similar thread on clickteams site to see there response and they just deleted it once they took notice and then sent me this mail.

    I was actually considering getting the developers edition on monday and I have the idea to make the same game in both in order to see how they each respectfully do! But this is the response when I mentioned construct in their forums!

    Below is their response to my post;



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    Due to some issues with the developers behind construct we don't allow posts concerning their product in our forums.

    Sorry and thanks for your understanding.


    It is understandable, any mention of Construct on their forums brings more people to the free competitor... not something I would encourage either.

    Yeah they don't allow you to use the word Construct, had some of my posts censored there.

    It's because of it's built in behaviours.

    All that do not know trigonomentry and not does "static engines" are losers according to the mmf:ers.

    I don't think many of the users there wanted to see that post either. Lets make games, not make competitions on programs.

    I don't think many of the users there wanted to see that post either. Lets make games, not make competitions on programs.

    I agree, what a pointless waste of time. <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I agree that going to a competitor's site to do missionary work is not a good idea (not saying you were doing that bobwaite1, as I didn't see your post on the ClickTeam forum, I'm just speaking generally), at the same time you have to wonder what's behind Jeff's response with "Due to some issues with the developers behind construct". I just find a company saying that sort of thing outside of their offices as unprofessional. That part wasn't necessary and he should've kept that to himself.

    Just sounds like clickteam are butthurt. that's all there is to it.

    I wasn't going to the site to do missionary work on the contrary I asked some very valid questions and mentioned my interest in both engines for my team, but wanted to see what there responses would be regarding MMF2 in comparison relating to features and other will MMF2 have this or that basically? Everything I asked was pretty innocent so that is why I said that they must really hate Scirra (Construct). Because they didn't even answer me in a personal message as a potential customer but instead just deleted my post and cut me off! Bad Customer Service I would say there!

    They know the answers, which is why they didn't respond :)

    But we really should stop all this :T It's been established, many times now, that Clickteam deletes any references to other, similar programs, and has beef with Scirra. Who cares. If you like MMF, use MMF, if you like Construct, use Construct. If you don't know the difference between the two, do some research!

    nd let us strive to find a way to make all hatred cease.edited><editID>sved</editID><editDate>2011-08-08 07:52:53</editDate></edited>

    Apparently Constructs developers used to make extensions for MMF before making construct. Also Construct uses the same events method (Click programming) and a similar program layout which is why they might have problems with Scirra. Both company's probably have issues with the other however i am guessing.

    As for the reason they would have edited/deleted your post is because they are a business and want to make sales. If people are discussing other software it might loose them sales so it is understandable, some other company's will do exactly the same thing also.

    I don't get this whole go to a official forum to make a Vs thread really though. If you are posting on a programs forum it will always be the winner because most if not all the people posting reply's will be using that program.

    I thought they removed mention of any competitor... this is different though.

    Davo and I used to write extensions for MMF 1.5. I myself wrote about 18 extensions under the alias "Tigerworks" (listed here), some very powerful with a great deal of work spent on them. I did it all voluntarily, for free. (I did get a free license and a small gift payment after finishing Iso Grid 2, though.) Eventually we got frustrated with limitations in making extensions and got started with our own editor, Construct Classic. Despite all the work we'd done for them off our own back they took serious issue to this. I suppose they wanted us to keep doing voluntary work for them instead of giving them a new competitor.

    Anyways at the time this went down badly: we were young and immature at the time, so we had a certain amount of insensitivity and bravado about starting our own project. I regret that we didn't handle it well, but on the other hand, neither did they - threats were made against us, and it was a pretty bad time for all.

    Since then there's always been some tension. It's a shame, but at the end of the day all we want to do is write good software, and competition makes everyone work harder, so the users win. It's also made worse by users of either program stating strong opinions (read: being involved in flamewars), so please be careful about what you say about the subject, either here or on any other website. It was all over long ago so there's not much new for anyone to comment on - everyone's heard it all before. Also, they're free to control their forums as they see fit - if they don't want posts about competitors on there, well, they don't have to.

    Thanks for the information. I used TGF/MMF for a long time, so I've seen your extensions and used them in several of my games. I don't think I ever made any comments, but I appreciated them a great deal.

    In the end, I decided to leave their community because I felt their newest products were quite overpriced (if I remember correctly, the full version of Multimedia Fusion 2 costs over 300 USD) and I wanted a free (or at least cheaper) alternative. I can see how some people don't like how similar TGF/MMF and Construct are to each other. But personally I think it is a positive thing, because it made it much easier for me to switch between the two programs since I was already familiar with the functionality. And if it isn't broken, there's no need to fix it.

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    Constructs event system is so much more organized than mmfs, calling them similar is insulting imo, and laughable. you cant even see how each check/action in which row is ordered, and what that event is doing, plus the weird array style editor with objects all lined up is impossible to work with unless your project has like 4 objects. It's good but i got so fed up making anything complicated. it's just so innately disorganized.

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