500 consecutive days

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  • Thought I'd share a little personal achievement with you guys. I have managed to consistently visit the forums for 500 days

    I don't post very much, but everyday I check out the "Construct 2 General" section and keep myself informed on what is going on, what people like and don't like, and how the core of Construct 2 works (There's so many useful pieces of info scattered around the forum that are not documented in the Manual.). I check out "Open Topic" second most, and check out other sections out of pure randomness and usually find some awesome content.

    I've learnt a lot from doing this thanks to practically all users in the forum. Even the users that ask questions, some questions are things that I never even thought to ask. It's really awesome.

    But yeah, awesome forum, awesome software, very awesome and talented staff and users, 10/10 would stay here 500 days again.

  • Impressive dedication! Congrats on the milestone!

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  • Amazing will.

  • Thanks guys! I find it has become a habit. Lately the website has been going down for hours at a time, and it feels weird not checking up and I end up retrying frequently til I eventually get on haha

    I wonder who's been on the most consecutive days, and I wonder who has posted the most consecutive days?

  • Dunno. I'm at 522, anyone got higher?

  • 542

  • Wow, the 500+ consecutive days club!

  • Impressive. I should log in more...

    Maybe if I write an automation script to log me in everyday. But why stop there, I could also make it reply to a random topic with some random Chinese proverbs. Either that or pm newt everyday with a random name of a cheese and see if I can sway his eating habits...

  • Lately the website has been going down for hours at a time, and it feels weird not checking up and I end up retrying frequently til I eventually get on haha

    I know that feeling all too well, . It felt like a part of me was missing, ha ha.

  • I got to 400, and went to work in Alaska for the summer, so I had to let mine go. It would have been over 500 now.

    (Lousy internet.)

    mmmm cheese...

  • blackhornet is in the lead

    Bad news for me though, my counter has been reset to 0 for some reason. I was browsing a lot yesterday, was logged in too. Wonder if I triggered something, I remember visiting the arcade whilst it was glitched yesterday but that's about it. Tom , sorry to bother for petty issues, but do you know why this may have happened?

  • I lost my consecutive streak too - I thought I just went a little too long between logins, but now that you mention it, I think it happened when I went to the arcade as well.

    Oh well, not a big deal, but a bit disappointing.

  • Hah yeah, on my profile it currently says I have been on for 1 day, but also says "Consec days posted : 3". That means I've posted each day but not come online somehow lol. Spooky

  • Lost my consecutive streak to, don't remember visiting the arcade.

    Didn't they update/change the database or something a day or two ago?

  • I was around 10 consecutive days but then an error happened in the website so I wasn't able to login for a full day so it was resented. I think that was unfair and now I have to do that from the beginning

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