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  • hi folks, did anyone try cocoon on an android smartphone yet? Just downloaded their software as they share it via google play to my htc desire, downloading and installing is fine, but when i touch the cocoon icon = nothing happens <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> .No crashing, no beeping, just no reaction.

    Android Version is 2.2.2

    ...thnx 4 answers so far...

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  • ok, meanwhile i got an answer by the ludei-team. This is what they wrote:

    "I just managed to try the Launcher App in a HTC Desire with Android 2.2 and you are right, it crashes at launch. I have made some testing and it seems that the experimental camera service is having some kind of trouble in this device/android version. I can only apologize and ask you to wait for the next update of the Launcher app that we will try to have it ready soon (hopefully by the end of this week)."

  • It's great that you got a quick response the Ludei team.

    I have tried Coconnjs on my Samsung Galaxy S with some degree of success.

  • If you install Cyanogenmod 7 (gingerbread 2.3.3), you won't have that problem.

  • brockatkinson:

    Thnx for the hint. But -hmm, i`m always careful with elementary mods on computer systems, you know: never change a running system. Maybe i`ll give it a try.So you say youn run this mod and cocoonjs works on your mobile? Is it risky to run cynogenmod? Dont have any experience with it (or other mods).

    An other thing is: I`m actually quite curious about cocoonJS functions, but what i dislike is, that i have to upload my code to the cloud --> other peoples servers. Same thing with phonegap, which worked fine for some small test-games so far.

    If I had a game, that was really, really innovative, i couldn`t imagine to spread it to the world this way (ok, my games aren`t that innovative yet,so it`s not so problematically at all for now...), but i guess you know what i mean.

  • Rooting your desire is perfectly safe, except it voids the warranty. But my phone hasn't had any problems--in fact, it runs faster and better than it ever did with the stock ROM on it. Also, it's virtually impossible to brick your phone--I've 'soft bricked' it a couple of times, but all it requires is for you to delete and reinstall it again.

    Anyway, the code that you'd upload, using Construct, after it's been minified, is ridiculously complex--people wouldn't be able to read it and understand it enough (unless they're a mathematician) to be able to grab the portions of it that they liked.

  • Just to note: R89 is out and Ludei and Scirra are working in cooperation at the moment.

    Infos are to be found on scirra's as well as on ludei's websites.

    Maybe this blog article might be helpful.

    As said though, there are still troubles and they will release new versions as bugs and reports get fixed.

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