Jigsaw Photo Maker

Turn your photos from your phone or home computer into a jigsaw puzzle

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Turn your photos from your phone or home computer into a jigsaw puzzle

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    Released: 20 Dec, 2021

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This puzzle game lets you choose a photo from your phone or home computer and turn it into a simple 15 piece jigsaw puzzle (3 x 5)

IMPORTANT: Please note that some phones (with low RAM, low available memory space and high camera specs) may need to use an app that compresses and resizes the image before using the photo in this jigsaw puzzle game.

The .c3p file that you will receive enables you to improve and customise this project how you want to.

The jigsaw pieces are shaped as you would expect with interlocking shaped pieces.

The screen is in a portrait orientation and is made in a high resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels.

The jigsaw pieces get randomly arranged into one of eight possible arrangements. You can easily add more arrangements in the event sheet.

The jigsaw pieces cannot leave the layout or disappear into the top banner.

You can toggle a grid on or off. This shows a black outline of where the jigsaw pieces will fit.

You can toggle a photo guide on or off. This shows a faded photo of the jigsaw puzzle that the pieces can be placed on top of.

The jigsaw pieces will snap into place if they are near to where they should be placed.

When the jigsaw puzzle is completed, a well done message appears and then you can choose to restart the puzzle.

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    20 Dec, 2021

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