Choice of music whilst programming?

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  • So Scirrians, what do you listen to when you're programming? Gotta have a bit of tunage playing whilst you're developing!

    I tend to listen to chillout music, like

    . I find it works nicely since it's not distracting and usually tends to avoid excessive lyrics (I end up focusing on the lyrics and forget short-term information I should be remembering whilst programming <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle"> )

    If that's TOO chill for you, there's always

    . That tends to be more upbeat than Ambient, so you don't lull yourself to sleep :P

    And then other times when I don't have to focus intently, like when creating something I'm very confident with, I'd listen to what I generally do enjoy (70's, 80's, rock, metal, you name it!) since I don't need much focus and can sing along to it awfully!

    How about you? Post links if you can! <img src="smileys/smiley16.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Katy Perry or Daft Punk

  • I have been listening to commercial free radio so i do not have to mess with downloading and making a playlist.

    DubStep Beyond, Groove salad, Secret agent, and Drone Zone are my favorites. They do not have any vocals, but some of the other stations do.

    They do the Burning man radio station too.

    For chiptunes I have been doing these streams:

    Old arcade music:

    Old Commodore-64 music

  • Anything composed by Yoko Kanno, a select few songs from random bands (which is anything from Veteran of the Psychic Wars by BOC to Lead Me by Sanctus Real to You're Going Down by Sick Puppies), anime soundtracks, Coldplay. :)

  • I don't always listen music while programming, but when I do, They are the soundtracks of the Amiga Game Shadow Of The Beast.


    (I prefer the versions from the "Immortal" album, but it isn't sold anymore.. :sadface?: )

  • Turmion K�til�t and Sybreed keeps my mind sharp with any work I do.

  • I listen to the sound of typing. Yeah, I don't really listen to music while programming, I've tried it before, and I got distracted by busting into dance. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Personally I prefer electropop, it keeps me motivated.

  • I acually prefer absolute silence. It may be due to me making so much music a day, and also that I tend to analyze music while listening in order to learn new tricks.

  • I acually prefer absolute silence. It may be due to me making so much music a day, and also that I tend to analyze music while listening in order to learn new tricks.

    Yup. The only strange thing I get sometimes, though, is a desire to listen to music while I'm writing music. I don't do it, I know it's stupid, but I keep wanting to reach for something for some reason.

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  • Dependents on my mood, but now days I mostly listen to Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Beethoven and many other composers of romantic period. Sometimes I will pop in a movie soundtrack, or electronic music ( trance, dnb, dubstep, psychodelic etc ). Can't listen to rock music cause my favorite bands indulge me too much in to their music ( alto with my favorite symphonic music I do sometimes stop programming and listen ).

    But going back to symphonic music - I love it especially in the early stages when programming and designing because it take me into many places, and inspire me on different levels which then translates in to really good ideas.

    PS( Romantic doesn't mean roses, moon, dinner with candles etc. It'a common misconception but true name for that is sentimentalism, and it's bs. Romantic means emotionally polarized. ;) )

  • I usually listen to audio lessons to learn Japanese.

    Japanesepod101 is ok actually.

  • Silence is golden... but programming in it? Tough one--I'd hear my own thoughts! Gotta drown it out, just a bit. Sometimes silence makes me over-think a problem, which is awesome for meditating.

    Pink Floyd is ear candy for me, followed closely by Metallica, 311, and Celtic tunes.

  • It's very interesting to see the different music and different reasons to why one listens to particular music (or not :P) when they are developing! I've taken a liking to the radio stations that jojoe mentioned, pretty awesome!

    Another thing I tend to do, is use Winamp + "Pacemaker" plugin, which allows you to alter the tempo/pitch of an audio file in realtime. I would lower the pitch slightly, and the tempo slightly more, gives a whole new spin on how the music sounds (It can make most songs feel more chilled and less distracting as they are slower!). It works for Rock music very well in my opinion, just got to adjust it right!

    I believe this is how mediocre "Nightcore" remixes are made, so if you like Nightcore, you'd probably really enjoy doing this! <img src="smileys/smiley16.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I find it impossible to do anything constructive whilst listening to music unless its on without my knowing if that makes sense. I just cant concentrate otherwise :(

    I like to get down with my badself and bust out some superior boogie moves.

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