Choice of music whilst programming?

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  • Having 4 kids my background noise is generally nickeldeon related :

    when their in bed ... siiiilllleeeeeennnceee    ;p

  • Mostly game and movie soundtracks like Unreal, Brutal doom, Blade runner, Red alert, Quake 1,2 and 3, fallout 1&2, Path of exile, Wings (nostalgia for me <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> )...

    Also Carbon based lifeforms, Devin Townsend and TeknoAxe.

    And sometimes I notice there is nothing playing.

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  • Having 4 kids my background noise is generally nickeldeon related :

    when their in bed ... siiiilllleeeeeennnceee    ;p

    Lol, Cbeebies, nickeldeon, etc - just want every non parent to endure what we have to lol.

    I've learned to love "Silence", especially when I work now.

    I have outside office, but when my little one joins me, he sits on my lap and watches Super simple songs on youtube on the 2nd monitor whilst I do some work on primary monitor - lol.

  • Sometimes TV or Dota 2 streams on the side.

    If I listen to music, it can be different kinds though:

    • Soundtracks, Musicals (Inception, Social Network, Portal 2, Les Miserables, Mathilda)
    • Ambient/Instrumental (tipp: A Winged Victory for the Sullen - A Winged Victory for the Sullen, very calming; Apparat, The Flashbulb, Air, R?yksopp)
    • electro / house / electro swing / synth pop / goa / trance (examples: Daft Punk, Crystal Castles, Cut Copy, Parov Stelar, Vangelis)
    • Chiptunes, 8bitsongs (old demoscene stuff, Anamanaguchi, She, Slagsmalsklubben)
    • singer songwriting, Alternative (examples: The XX, Miike Snow)

    sometimes I want calming music, but often I don't mind some energetic music, so that's what runs the most

  • Well for myself

    Symphonic Metal(Xandria, Epica, NightWish, Kamelot....)

    Dead can Dance(whatever you would call it)

    Beetles, Johny Cash, Bowie, kate Bush

    ... meh. it wll be easier to just mention what I won't and don't listen too

    Older Country, newer I like.

    Hip-Hop & Rap(I do listen to older rap though)

  • I�m not into one genre only. I listen to whatever comes to my mind from classic to punkrock^^Even though i prefer "harder" tunes like NOFX, Pennywise etc.


  • mindfaQ

    Haha I listen to Portal 2 soundtrack aswell! Very satisfying to listen to when trying to concentrate :P


    I like NOFX and Pennywise too! Do you listen to "Social Distortion" or "Bad Religion"? I discovered NOFX and Pennywise through them :P

  • Jase00

    I absolutely do listen to these :)! I really love those bands.

    If you like stuff like this, you may check out Millencollin, Distillers or Less than Jake :)

  • The good thing about the Portal 2 soundtrack is that it is free^^.

  • Here's a youtube playlist of songs I enjoy and tend to listen to while working and/or playing.

  • mindfaQ

    Very true! Though having Youtube makes pretty much everything available to listen to for free :P


    Nice playlist! I recognise a lot of the music you have in it, nice variety of different genres too! I grinned when I saw "The Beach - All Saints - Pure Shores" amongst all of the other music, I like the song, but it feels out of place with all the other music <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Your channels recent activity mentions Dan Bull. Not sure if you listen to him as much, but I'm a fan of him myself! I don't find myself listening to his music whilst developing though, I feel that rap music makes it more difficult to concentrate with short-term memory stuff, but hey that's just me :P

  • Having the files available locally is always more convenient :) (+ yt is only 192 kbps aac on HD, so you'll miss out on some of the more masterfully crafted pieces of music if you have a good audio setup)

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