BlackBerry 10 and Construct 2

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  • Please release the current plugin with Payment and BBM, this is the most important.

  • Cheers all. Just a quick update: we're exploring what it would take to integrate BB10 exporting directly into the IDE, which is a fantastic step forward in simplifying the process for C2 developers.

    I've also being playing with the plugin SDK, though it relies on the exporter, will aim to have some options available for initial platform functionality.

    It would be great to hear from this community as to what is important to you. Currently I am targeting Payment and BlackBerry Messenger (specifically sharing your application via BBM contacts as that is one of the best ways to get visibility.) If there are any specific BB10 APIs you'd like to see integrated, please let me know and I'll use the feedback as best as I can regarding priority.

    It's great to hear that WaterlooErik

    Yes, that 2 features is most important now.

    Payment (with PayPal) and BBM integration.

    Payment API, is it mean we can use In-Game Purchase for our HTML5 games with BlackBerry WebWorks SDK?

    I'm just wondering, is it possible to make a achievement system using BBM Status or BlackBerry Games with HTML5 BB WebWorks SDK? or Leaderboard using friendlist of our BBM contact? :)

  • For those that haven't seen it yet, I'm happy to share this bit of good news:

    I appreciate the feedback on plugins all. I'm buckling down on a BBM plugin first as our Payment API currently has a bug preventing callbacks from firing. I'll make those two priority though and will move towards additional plugins following that.

    Regarding scoreboard and achievements, the BlackBerry 10 platform does have Scoreloop integration available which would be the best way to achieve this. The one drawback is that these APIs are currently missing from the WebWorks platform. Our development teams have Scoreloop on the roadmap for WebWorks, I'm not sure exactly when it will land just yet though.

    All in all, today is a good day :-)

  • Thanks WaterlooErik and BlackBerry this combined with the Spring Sale made up my mind regarding the purchase of a personal Licence. Awesome as always!

    Any plans to incorporate BlackBerry Advertising Service in the plugin?

  • wrekr: We actually don't have an official API for advertising in BlackBerry 10's WebWorks SDK just yet. I have written a community Ad SDK though based on the very same web service:

    Following BBM and Payment, I could definitely look at integrating that as well, but primarily I would like to stick to the official APIs where possible.

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  • Thanks. I would like to try my hand at selling my finished product first but advertising is on my list as an alternative.

  • Hello all, apologies for the radio silence. I've been working away on a BlackBerry 10 plugin for Construct 2 but was held up due to some larger transitions in our BlackBerry WebWorks platform. Primarily, we're shifting to a Cordova-based tooling system for which I need to wait for a Cordova 3.0 release before being able to implement these plugins.

    Now that Cordova is there though, let's do a quick status update.

    BlackBerry 10 Plugin for Construct 2:

    BlackBerry Messenger

    • Register with the platform (required before APIs can be accessed.)
    • Invite BBM contacts to download the application.
    • Set the personal message of the user to a custom string (i.e. "I'm playing an awesome Construct 2 game!")

    In-App Payments

    • Purchase a digital good.
    • Get existing purchases (in progress.)
    • Get price of digital good (in progress.)

    Getting existing purchases will allow you to ensure you can keep a record of what the user has already purchased (level packs, etc.) without needing to rely on storing this information in your app itself.

    Getting the price of a digital good will be handy if you want to display this information within your application (before the user clicks through to buy something.)

    You can find the remaining possible Payment APIs documented here:

    I'm curious whether there are any important APIs beyond what is planned that you would want. If so, can you please just provide a brief use-case for the functionality?

    I'm aiming to finish this off this week and have a pull request into Github where there will be a CAPX Hello World project along with the plugin that shows basic usage.

    If there's any feedback in the meantime, please let me know!

  • Keep this great work, WaterlooErik

    I'm waiting enthusiastly for this :)

  • It's taken a little longer than expected and I really appreciate everyone's patience. I'm in the final stages; I've managed to make the purchases usable now, just having a slight issue with the sequence of actions. Will let everyone know as soon as it's up.

    Edit: All remaining functionality has been implemented. Barring any issues during my final testing, I should have a Github pull request and documentation ready to go this week! Stay tuned!

    Edit: Initial testing looks good! Github pull request going in today. Will post the direct link once it's up.

  • Woo!

    Release 1 of the BlackBerry 10 plugin for Construct 2 is now live!

    Thank you again for everyone's patience. Let me know if you have any feedback!

    A blog post on will show up soon with some more information, but hopefully the repo is a good starting point.

  • Nice Work..

    But I find a little bug here. when I Run On Preview, It's pop out this message

    can u please re-upload the newest update?

  • I'm not sure the plugin will play well if tested on anything but a physical device. I will take a look though to see if that can be smoothed out. The main issue is that Ripple does not itself support BlackBerry Messenger or In-App Payment WebWorks APIs; nor would a standard browser.

    At the same time, if there is anything you would like me to test on a physical device, feel free to email it to me (


  • Hi Erik, thanks for the plugin that you have made. We're on developing Rackspira Game for Blackberry 10.

    Now we're having trouble when SDK update to 10.2. Our game didn't run and we have downgrade the OS.

    Can you please give us some advice to fix this issue?

  • There aren't any inherent issues in 10.2 that I'm aware of. Any chance yo can send me the BAR file ( and I will give it a test here?

    What sort of troubles were you seeing? How far did it actually get? Did it crash or freeze? etc.

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