BlackBerry 10 and Construct 2

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  • This is very interesting. I think Playbook it's a good platform for games.

  • Great support from WaterlooErik and many RIM Developer Support on "Last Chance Portathon".

    Construct 2 games working so well in BB10 and PlayBook, awesome!

  • I appreciate the feedback all :-) Definitely makes me happy to see the positive experiences you're having. We don't plan on stopping here, so don't hesitate to reach out to me at if you're hitting any issues, and keep an eye on for future events.

  • Wanted to put this offer out to the folks on this thread (and the larger community.) If you have a BB10 app you've converted and want it showcased at BlackBerry 10 Jam Europe in my frameworks session, give the bottom half of this a read:

  • Does the touch in C2 works with Ripple emulator? I have a simple match-3 project I'd like to export to BB10. Tried using Ripple (version 0.9.13), but can't test the touch. The touch works well without Ripple enabled. I've also created a config.xml file wondering if that's the issue, but still no touch.

    Has anyone found the same issue and manage a workaround?


  • Soybean: Are you willing to share the CAPX file? If so, can you fire it to me at

    I would think that Construct 2 is using standard touch listeners and I'm convinced I've seen touch events working in the past. I wouldn't mind doing a test on this end.

  • WaterlooErik : awesome :). I've sent you an email with the CAPX, bar and zip file. Thanks!

  • hello WaterlooErik

    i have created a game using the free version of construct 2 and export to html and package it using web work and test it on my bb10 device and it worked fine.

    i was wondering can i publish it to blackberry app world or d i need to buy the personal license? and if i can publich it do i have to publish it for free or can i charge for it?

  • WaterlooErik Do you have plans to develop a plugin to access Blackberry Webworks API?

  • WaterlooErik Do you have plans to develop a plugin to access Blackberry Webworks API?

    WaterlooErik I am also curious about this?

    I would like to start developing games for the BlackBerry 10 platform. I see that others have gotten there Construct 2 built games published in the BlackBerry World store. How did they do it?

    I can't seem to find any tutorials on the process or tools needed. If you or someone else knows of a tutorial, and the tools needed could you please link me to it?

    Also is there a working emulator I could use for testing on until I can save up for a BB10 devise?

  • ahmadasad009: The licenses open up more functionality within the Construct 2 tools to export to a wider variety of native platforms (among other features.) The free license of Construct 2 allows exporting to HTML5, which is all that's really needed for the BlackBerry 10 platform. All you would need on top of that is a BlackBerry World vendor account to manage your submissions; you can sign up to be a vendor here:

    Note that signing up, publishing applications, and downloading tools are all free. The only thing is, if you are selling applications, there is a 70:30 revenue split in the developer's favour (same as other app stores.) Other than that, there is no actual "cost".

    Joannesalfa: A BlackBerry WebWorks plugin is definitely on my radar. We've addressed the majority of critical issues that I'm aware of and we have a porting guide ready to be published to our website any day now. Should appear here when ready:

    Now that we have the basic building blocks in place, I'm going to dive into the plugin SDK to see what I can do there. ArcadEd has been awesome in putting together a GUI tool for much of the porting process. I'm not sure if he's posted it on here yet but I would ask him about it for sure.

    Wink: An unofficial porting guide can be found in these posts:




    In (1), the icon element is described as desired, consider it required and please be sure to add it during your porting process.

    The official guide, once posted, will very closely resemble the information in those three posts.

    As for emulators, we have the Ripple emulator available here:

    And a VMWare simulator available here:

    The simulator currently has some WebGL driver issues which should be fixed in the next update, so I would recommend sticking to Ripple for the time being. If anyone ever wants their application tested on a physical device, feel free to send it to me at and I'll provide what feedback I can.

    Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions (or if I've missed anything.)

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  • WaterlooErik Thank you for all the info, and links it is much appreciated. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • WaterlooErik Good one! If you release the plugin, i will help you to test all APIs and report bugs.

  • Cheers all. Just a quick update: we're exploring what it would take to integrate BB10 exporting directly into the IDE, which is a fantastic step forward in simplifying the process for C2 developers.

    I've also being playing with the plugin SDK, though it relies on the exporter, will aim to have some options available for initial platform functionality.

    It would be great to hear from this community as to what is important to you. Currently I am targeting Payment and BlackBerry Messenger (specifically sharing your application via BBM contacts as that is one of the best ways to get visibility.) If there are any specific BB10 APIs you'd like to see integrated, please let me know and I'll use the feedback as best as I can regarding priority.

  • WaterlooErik

    -BBM Platform





    Most Blackberry special API that aren't part of HTML5.

    I'm glad you could develop plugin to C2 for blackberry, it means more cross platform support :)

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