Would anyone like a 3d version of construct soon?

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  • Oh dang that sucks thanks for telling me

  • To be precise, basically they had the engine itself, not the editor that should have came with it.

    They were 3 or 4 working on it, and only one developer. They tried making games for private companies using the engine to fund the development, and that made them delay the editor more and more and they eventually just gave up when they all became too tired and burnt out to continue working on it.

  • I found a 3d game engine named RPG in a box that can create adventures and more here's a link this engine looks promising for 3d engine to start out with. I'll update with more info if I like it or not, pros and cons soon

    Link: zeromatrix.itch.io/rpginabox

    Edit: When I looked over the engine again the dialog system reminded me of 001 game engine just wanted to point that out.

  • I wouldn't recommend this kind of engine, unless you want to make that exact type of game. Usually these engines get abandonned after a few years, are too limited to make anything and won't even teach you much in the end.

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  • Usually these engines get abandonned after a few years

    You do got a point but not every engine like this gets abandonned

  • Yeah, hence the use of "Usually" xD.

    Well the ones that don't get abandonned are the ones made by crazy developers or that managed to gather enough attention and customers.

  • I'm not convinced the idea of "easy as Construct but with 3D" makes sense. For 2D, most people can draw some basic images and do a bit of simple math to help things interact. With 3D, how many people can quickly throw together a 3D model? How's your math for things like vectors, matrices and quaternions? The bar is higher, and I'm not sure there's much an easy-to-use tool can do to hide that, without turning in to a bit of a disappointing cookie-cutter engine.

    You're right, I've always wanted an easy-to-use 3d game engine but I guess they don't really make any 3d games that are as easy as Construct.

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