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  • Hi, I would like to know if you have how to create a game similar to ZUMA DELUXE no construct

  • I wonder how someone is not sick of Zuma yet haha

  • It’s actually quite fun and popular

  • To me it looks like you'll need:

    * a way to move objects back and forth on a path.

    * use an array or something to have a list of the objects on the path in order. That way you only need to look at the objects next to each other to handle collisions.

    * be able to loop over the list either direction to be able to push chains of objects.

    * pushing objects can be done by either repeatedly moving the next object forward on the path until not overlapping, or a you can go 100% precise and use some math to find the exact point where the two objects intersect.

    * when shooting a new object and it hits an object on the path, it needs to be inserted into the list at that spot. Maybe with a nice gradual transition that moves the object onto the path.

    *it looks like you'll have to keep track of which objects are in contact with each other. Should be as simple as setting a Boolean when they first collide.

    * matches seem to be triggered when adding a new object to the chain or when a new contact is created. Should be simple as checking the area in the list around where the contact happened.

    It's not really scoped to make for a good tutorial.

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  • Nice way to play with qarp, or cubic.

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