Do you like the rpg game?

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  • My favorite game is rpg game ,because I can play the role I want in these game,now I playing the new kind of rpg game Goddess of war.

  • I love RPGs, especially JRPG which you unfold the protagonist story and his relationship with other characters.. one of my all-time favorite is "Chrono Trigger".

    hope FFVII PS4 remake does good.

  • Totally looking forward to FFVII on PS4 too. I really hope it turns out good. They better be careful with that gem!

    But yah, I really like most RPGs. Mostly for the story, not so much for the status/character growth hell that sometimes is connected to them. There are some that have done it well, some not so well. If there is a good story, I am sold! Other games rarely manage to keep my attention in them for too long. Unless there is a good story again.

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  • Of course i do!

    Im trying to make one right now haha. If its multiplayer, better.

  • looking forward to tale of abyss is the best for me

  • I enjoy rpgs, my favorite would be FFVII

  • yep RPG is also my favorite

  • I love a few of Japanese rpgs, Chinese rpgs, most Bethesda games, & now currently playing old classic Wizardry 8.

  • I Play Witcher on PS4 and it's the only RPG I played, not my kind of games

  • I love jRPGs mostly for the stories and character development. My favourites are old games like FF6,7,8 & 9, golden sun 1&2, simply because these were my first games that I played on consoles.

    Im making a hybrid game that has RPG elements in it too. And I think my next games might be another RPG with swords and mecha.

  • i love rpg. but use rpg maker to do it. it's more easy

  • My favorite RPG of all time has to be Fallout New Vegas. It has the humor or Fallout 2 and gameplay and lore improved from Fallout 3.

    While Chrono Trigger is possibly my most played RPG of all time, it seemed perfect back in the day but after playing through it so many times, you start seeing the flaws. The problem with JRPGs in general is towns and dungeons are just Pitstops to getting to your goal. Play Skyrim for example and EVERY cave, fort and dungeon has its own self-contained story.

  • Yes, I'm very like playing RPG game. And recently I'm playing Pirate King that based on One Piece manga from! Do you like?

  • My favourite types of RPGs are JRPGs. Its hard to pinpoint the specific reason, but i think the strategic battles are addicting, and the long stories give the adventure a sense of depth.

    My favourite games in the genre would have to be: Final Fantasy 1 3 4 6 and 7, Pokemon Yellow, Dragon Quest 1-8, Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, Grandia, Chrono Trigger, Suikoden 2, and Golden Sun.

  • I'd like to mention Grandia for battle aspect that might inspired turn based system in Children of Light.

    But my best all of time JRPG goes to Chrono Cross, I even create a fan's art. Take a look:

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