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  • Hey All!

    I'm doing research for number crunching games - Like any number of sports management games or more specifically like Game Dev Tycoon - games where the challenge is in the research, and information gathering and rewards are based entirely on situational planning and long term decision making.

    I'm asking for your favorite number crunching management simulators and why you liked them - your favorite moments. I'm also looking for your least favorite moments, things you would have changed to make it better.


  • You can find a lot of information in the steam comments.

  • Pls wait for preparation for this

  • personally i love all tycoon games, however for me doesn't matter the theme or the game story, but more the functionality how fast u can perform actions inside, everybody knows we have to wait on tycoon games or strategy games, but most devs out there are overdoing it, for example u got a time waiting system, and u got a energy system that recharges every5 minutes for 1 and u need atleast 5 energy to move... that is just a pain to even think how twisted that game waiting list is... then u got really great game like swords and potions.. and they overdone it the 1st version where u had to wait sometimes even 1 -2 real days to be able to run ur shops... and in meantime u couldn't see what happens with ur store.. there are many aspects of the game industry and if u want my real opinion... and u want to make a close to perfection game, think as a player and not as a game developer.. play other games or similar games, and test ur own, see how fast u wold love to interact and then compare ur system to others see where there are their mistakes and where are urs.. its more of an trial and error but also a simple logic thinking in process of it. dont go thinking il do a tycoon game cause i can add iaps and charge players every 2 seconds to do an action ... nobody will play it.... it wont have functionality.

    there is no place that tells u how to do a specific game ... you can find it on Wikipedia yes... like what its needed... but u still want to have an idea as a player what wold you like to be the game like.. how its going to work ... and most of times since we are around 7.5bil people now on planet... u got a a huge chance people to think like u and like what u like... dont over think things just do the system as respectfully u can.. and clean .. i did not done it in my own's.... but i know what im missing in them...

  • Im playing Modern Mayor, on windows phone, is good, and has a good message. Made me wanna install some solar panels in my house 😝

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  • I'm curious if anyone has played Chroma Squad?

  • Can't say I have, but since Game Dev Tycoon is what has given you a thirst for more, be sure to try out Game Dev Story for your phone.

  • I'm along the same lines as .

    Its great striving to achieve the next advancement or next upgrade because you don't need to wait 37 hours for it. All you have to do is play the game for 10 mins and you can get it.

    If you plan on making a game like this then one very important thing is depth. You'll need lots of things for the player to achieve and make sure that there is enough there to keep them interested for long periods of time.

    Game Dev Tycoon and Game Dev Story both contain hours of playtime.

    The challenge comes when you need to keep the player interested that whole time.

  • Game Dev Tycoon and Game Dev Story both contain hours of playtime.

    The challenge comes when you need to keep the player interested that whole time.

    those 2 games i think are closest to a perfect tycoon game, there are some more things to add to them, but thats more expansion then actual system improvements, their system in my opinion, is perfected to a high degree, if you can come as close as them in your game, then your on the right path

    tycoon games are a odd choice to program, its not that its to hard, its actually simple do A to get B if C = D its the most simple game u can ever build, however as Kuzie said, you have to get a gameplay that doesn't boredom's the players.

  • You should play "Hatred" by Destructive Creations. ;D

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