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  • Currently I've been playing The Floor Is Jelly, Don't Starve Together, and good ol' TF2. I will probably be playing one or all of these tonight. No, I definitely should play all of them. I will make it a goal.

  • Tribes Ascend agaiN....so genius physics!

  • ChocoMarker - unusual Japanese puzzle-block game with a character on top of the box. The goal is freeing black blocks!

  • Currently, if I dont playing my game (right now for testing purposes mostly) I play Divinity Original sin, a must have game, for RPG fans. And a lot of arcade coin-op games on MAME emulator like Metal Slug series, SHMUPs etc.

    Divinity is worth every penny, if you like freedom, RPG, turn-based games and nice story (it is not unbearably epic, but it has soul IMO). Go for it.

  • Any one here who plays DOTA 2? I'm 5.7k, see me at SEA Leaderboards. I stopped playing about a week ago so I can focus my work here with C2.

  • Playing a game with myself.

  • I am bored so I play Candy Crush Soda and windows solitaire.. not needing much to play. But it is really just a chore.. click click click click repeat.

    I used to play Sims quite a lot, also SimCity.. but I am quite disappointed with the latest versions, and same thing with Spore.. what a buzzkill. I am waiting for RCTWORLD but I feel I have too high hopes but you never know! RCT1+2 must be my most favorite pc game ever. (as opposed of console games)

    RCT3 was too buggy (and too slow when you trying to get realistic size park)

    Of course sometimes I test games (there area few gems) and also my own games but it is not really same thing when trying to find bugs and play through levels you know already about.

  • Any rpg. I'm such a lore nerd. And abandonware.

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  • Currently playing C2...such a great level editor!^^;-)

  • Haha Beaverlicious it sure is!

    Its hard to play games when you're so busy making them eh? When I have free time Im playing mostly on my WiiU and 3DS, MarioKart 8 and Smash Bros are still fun, especially with 6 players +. Finished Bayonetta 2 a lil while back, was bad ass. Just recently bought Metroid Prime Trilogy, makes me wish there was a WiiU Metroid in the works. So looking forward to playing Zelda, Xenoblade X and Splatoon later this year.

  • Playing Advanced Wars and Sonic Advance on GBA (Game Boy Advance). I know these games are old, but they are still fun!

  • helena

    [quote:u9yryzgt]also SimCity.. but I am quite disappointed with the latest versions

    Cities: Skylines looks a bit more promising in case you didn't know about it.

  • Katala, thanks, I will look at it how it compares to sim city!

  • Mount and Blade - with fire and sword, multiplayer, when I have to take a break

  • The next penelope, a masterpiece of c2

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