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  • Hi everyone...

    Well I made a few top down shooter character sprites (just for fun) as a distraction or break to what I was working on and I think they turned out pretty well, I would like to just donate them to the community, I've seen a fair amount of people posting FREE sprites and such but I don't know if anyone will use or need them, keep in mind it's pixel art :P

    I will continue adding to these over the next couple of days, I initially hoped to get them out and ready for everyone really quickly but I needed to get a few things done and couldn't spend most of my Saturday working on the computer. I have a video teaser of some of the content so that you can see the quality and two of the animations. I hope you enjoy!



    Pack Contents:(once complete)

    A fully animated character

    A ton of icons/pickups

    Environment tiles

    Demo level



    Here is an unfinished set of the sprites including most of what is shown in the video and a little more. I will give you the Paint.net file (when I can post links) and the simple png image below. I will be updating it when I can but for right now this is still a work in progress.

    Feel free to use in your personal or commercial games, just provide credit where it's due.





    Best Regards



    As a thank you, you could go through my referral link to Copy. It will help me keep my files backed up... I've fallen victim of many hard drive failures over the past two years and I've lost a lot of work so this helps me access some online storage to save my files, for free. It works similar to Dropbox with it's own little app but with more storage space. I think for it to count, you need to sign up and verify your email address and install the app which doesn't take long at all. Not to mention they give you an extra 5gb on top of the initial 15gb just for accepting my invite to it... Then you can invite any or all of your friends and the same thing applies, I don't know if there is a limit to how many people you can invite but I don't see why there would be! Anyway, if any of you're interested, I would greatly appreciate it, it will help many of you to have that extra free cloud storage too so here is my link: https://copy.com?r=CfyFVJ

  • OK, I've added a video link to a sample of the assets =]

  • I saw the video and you make a very good sprites, please send the links to me :D

  • I saw the video and you make a very good sprites, please send the links to me :D

    I will as soon as they're done. I have been adding more to them, it shouldn't take too much longer but I got side tracked with 'work' =

    I will make a note to PM you once they're completely finished =]

  • Patriick nice one

  • Patriick nice one

    Thanks... I will upload them on Friday night or Saturday morning for those of you interested, I think I will upload all that I have managed to get done and then slowly add to it over time.

  • I've been dealing with some real life stuff that has taken my attention away from adding to these sprites but I have finally hit 500rep and am able to post links, so here is an early version of the sprites and the core .pdn file for anyone interested.

    I will be updating them, not absolutely everything is included here but more than enough for right now should be there to construct a reasonable level, at least until I get to finish them up =]

    So... For now, enjoy!

    Also, these are free to use for your personal or commercial games, just give me credit for creating these if you use them. That's all I ask =]

  • Patriick

    I watched the youtube link, its really good..

  • Patriick

    I watched the youtube link, its really good..

    Thanks =]

    I forgot to update the link to a clickable one when I hit 500rep but It's fixed now for future viewers :P

  • Patriick

    good to get the 500 rep..

  • Just dropping these into the asset Directory, thanks...

  • Any chance we could get the other stuff too? :3

  • Any chance we could get the other stuff too? :3

    Yes, I will update the post with some new links containing the other stuff soon, give me a day or so to get it all sorted out =] (I've been extremely busy lately =\)

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  • No need to rush :) I'll be looking forward to them!

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