Unity VS Construct2

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  • Well, from the past week, I was chatting in the developer chat-room in Gamejolt. As we discussed I found remarkably, most of them use Unity! .

    I'm dedicated to Construct2 & I'm never ever, change the tool!!

    So Can C2 beat Unity one day?

  • Well, for starters, Construct 2 is maintained by 2 people, Tom and Ashley. Tom maintains the website with the help of the moderators and Ashley is the sole developer for Construct 2. Whereas, in Unity, whole groups on working on developing and furthering the ability of the game engine. That is probably Unity is so advanced and specializes in 3d gameplay. With that said, it does not mean Construct 2 does not have a chance against Unity. Some construct 2 users are programmers themselves and have been working on 3d plugins for Construct 2. If you search up the Q3D plugin, you will see what I mean.

  • Unity also isn't restricted by html5 adoption

  • Naji - It seems that Unity is better than C2 for some developers since Unity can make custom 2D games instead of limited behaviors and event system. Sometimes, I see some new games on Desura, and guess what? 60% of the new 2D games are created with Unity, I think...

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  • They are radically different tools. Construct 2 is aimed at non-programmers making 2D games. Unity is aimed at programmers making 3D games. (Their new 2D tools are just moving stuff around a flat plane still in a 3D world.)

  • You guys need to understand, engines like Game Salad, Scirra and Game Maker are meant for those who cannot program ( like me who is good with design but not with programming).

    Most developers go with Unity because of its wide Platform reach and because they know coding and they can do any thing with it.

    Indie game developers like us are trying to make a name in market and starting with free games. They have very less info about coding and such event based engines are best to start out with.

    Hope Ashley can get more partners for coding in future and we can take Scirra to heights just like Unity.

  • I have many years of experience coding but still choose Construct 2 over Unity because it works for my needs and I enjoy using it. If I was on a bigger team I would probably consider Unity but as a one man team Construct 2 is much faster to develop in for me. However I still have made a few projects in Unity and even Corona SDK but Construct 2 is the most enjoyable. I think it comes down to your needs and what you want--there isn't one game engine that fits all.

    Unity is probably a good choice if you want to go out and get a job with a game studio or something because it is more commonly used and known

  • russpuppy , Yes but I want Construct 2 be used in game studio and used professionally with official Companies for 2D Games.. I would die if I found a job using C2!

  • Insomniac (the company behind Ratchet and Clank) are using C2 to make a casual game (admittedly they are also using Unity)


  • Instead of focusing on the tool used for the job, my advice is to find the right tool for the job based on the type of game project and the platforms you intend to target.

    Unity is great for 3d games. Construct is excellent for 2d (web) games and rapid prototyping.

    Currently, I am starting development on a traditional 2d point-and-click adventure type game, and neither tool seems to fit the bill for me. So Visionaire 4 is my weapon of choice this time around, since it has a proven track record for large successful professional commercial games of this type (Deponia, Memoria, Chains of Satinav, Harvey's New Eyes).

    And the newest version exports to Android and iOs besides Windows, Mac, and Linux. I would never attempt a more complex 2D point-and-click adventure game in Construct or Unity (although I have no doubt it could be done/has been done), because Visionare is built from the ground up with these type of games in mind, and it shows.

    So, use the right tool for the right job, and use what you know best to achieve what you want. And do not be afraid to switch tools if it makes sense and saves you frustration.

    These X vs Y vs Z comparisons have proven themselves to be a bit pointless and fruitless.

  • use the right tool for the right job, and use what you know best to achieve what you want. And do not be afraid to switch tools if it makes sense and saves you frustration.

    These X vs Y vs Z comparisons have proven themselves to be a bit pointless and fruitless.

    Rayek Thank you, I will be saving this quote for the future. I can never quite understand why people take it upon themselves to compare these engines. They are all built in some way that exceeds the strength of the others in that area and thus must be treated as so.

  • Rayek I can't switch, I'M CONSTRUCT2 ADDICT!!!

  • DatapawWolf

    Is that your store in your signature? Looks great!

  • I have to agree with Rayek, its a right tool for the job thing.

    both construct 2 and unity are great. I prefer to make simpler, 2d games and i find construct way less "bulky" for the development of those games.

    If i wanted to do a 3d game i would use unity.

  • Vote up for right tool for the job. While my job is programming with Unity for a 2D game. I keep hitting area after area where C2 does 2D much better. But there are other areas that Unity does so well.

    Ultimatly Unity is more popular because it's traditional programming in a flexible environment with a very well designed IDE integrated engine.

    What keeps everything going so well is that Unity allows developers to make IDE tools and an integrated Asset store that importants new assets right into the game(ie no copy/paste into a folder, no restarts). And there are a lot of small other stuff.

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