Unity VS Construct2

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  • jayderyu

    I also hope that I could improve the IDE of C2 in plugins one day,

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  • I know I am new here but I am not new to programming in general. The reason unity is more popular is not only do they have a large team , they have more money to put into marketing. Marketing is a huge factor as to why they are popular and also they cater to indie as well as AAA developers. Gameloft and other bigger companies use them and they have higher prices in the past so they can spend more on promoting Unity 3D.

    That said I wouldn't say they are better because Contruct 2 is still paid but Unity 3D with all their marketing muscle had to go free with the full version just to get more developers interested , Construct didnt.

    That said use the tools that are more better for you. I came here because people told me its a rapid game making tool and even though this is day 1 for me I already like it. All Construct needs is a game to hit top 100, top50, top25 in any country and the developer to say they used construct , then construct will blow up.

    That day is coming soon once I learn how to use this tool for android game making.

  • I use both , i have published good games on both for clients.

    Its an entirely different world , and i agree with almost all participants here.

    Unity is good for non coders also , if you know FSM and virtual scripting logic and buy the appropriate Asset.

    But it cant beat C2 on fast prototyping.

    Both can produce quality games , and AAA titles , its on the mind first and not on the tools , remember that .

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