[Tip] How to scroll multiple lines in event sheet editor

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  • I had this frustration when using my mouse wheel to scroll through event sheet editor. Since Construct 2 allow to scroll only 1 line at a time, I found a little mouse enhancement software that allows to scroll more lines at a time + scroll the background windows (without clicking on them first to make the active ).


    1. Download KatMouse from here: http://download.cnet.com/KatMouse/3000-18491_4-24138.html or from any other place (for me, the last version 7 is not working on win7 x64. I am using version 1.04)

    2. After installing the software, go to settings ->classes tab and drag the cross icon over the event sheed editor in C2

    2a. I forgot about this step. Disable this so you can open links in a new browser tab by pressing middle button

    3. Double-click the class name in KatMouse

    4.Set how many lines at a time you want to scroll with your mouse wheel

    If you have problems when Google Chrome zoom in/out for no reason, you can repeat step 2 but this time drag the cross icon over Chrome, and on step 3 make sure to check "Windows has wheel scrolling support?"

    That's it !

  • You can also just use middle mouse or the space bar to scroll

  • Thanks keepee never knew about clicking the middle button. Silly me.

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  • Thanks Cipriux - KatMouse worked! I was also a bit bugged by the one-line scroll. However the click and drag also works, but wheel scroll is less work for my tired fingers

  • I'm surprised there aren't more comments on this topic. One line at a time really slows things down when the event sheets get long. I don't want to split up everything into a bunch of event sheets, and I don't like needing to use keys or using the middle mouse button. I just want to scroll with the mousewheel, as I do with all my other programs.

    Do we know why the event sheet doesn't conform to the mouse settings of the OS? So far this is the only program I use that I noticed this issue.

    I tried catmouse, but found that it didn't work consistently.

  • Peronally I find scrolling with mouse wheel really tedious and RSI-inducing. Putting up with guys at work scrolling through thousands of lines of code (or long documents) with the 'zzzt' 'zzzt' 'zzzt' sound of a (well worn-out) mouse wheel all day used to drive me up the wall. Page up/down is quicker and quieter. But I digress. And unfortunatly there is PgUp/PgDn feature in the C2 editor! So I'm liking the sound of multiple line scrolling as a workaround. Also I tend to use bookmarks at strategic locations throughout an event sheet.

    edit: and while a nice tip, the middle-button click/drag doesn't do much for me after a while. The space bar thing is interesting and I didn't know about that.

  • Would be nice to see the arrow keys bound to scrolling. Hold shift + Arrow keys to move X amount of lines. (X defined in the C2 preferences)

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