Spriter objects and IOS

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  • Hello,

    i fund nothing related to this point on the forum, and i don't really know where to talk about it, sry if this is not the right forum place

    so let's get strated.

    i made my game using spriter, debugging and all the concept is working perfectly on windows, and also on android.

    but while testing my game on ipad, trying to spawn any kind of spriter object is resulting of spawning absolutely nothing!

    a simple test i wrote was to create a spriter object by cliquing on a button, or every 2 seconds, on place it randomly in the screen.

    like i said, if the test was prove that the script is working on windows, there is nothing on IOS.

    really strange...

    so, i don't know if some others users got the same problem with there games and spriter ?

    is there any way to solve it ??

    thanks for reading me.

  • Scirra can't fix third party issues, you should try asking at the Spriter forums:


  • already posted to them my issue,

    is there tools to watches memory usage of an application on android an d ios ?

  • Just the editor debugger.

  • for me it doesn't looks really high value, but maybe i'm wrong.

    is it ok for a mobile game to get those kind of tasks ?

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  • Lets just say if it runs the debugger, and game ok on mobile, then its probably ok on memory.

  • i'm also wondering:

    • majority of my spriter objects characters have a scale size at 0.7, can it cause a real impact of the memory ?
    • could it be better to export my animations from spriter to gif and then import them as frame from sprites ? (i assume that if i want the same smoothness and fluidity, i'll need a lot of images)
  • Not unless they are particularly large to begin with.

  • well, clearly not... the amount of memory estimated by construct with frames images is 2,9 Gb, wich is clearly not a good point.

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