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  • I don't really even know what spriter is (haven't done a lot of research). I make mostly retro games, every once in a while non-retro games. I make turn-based RPGs, platformers, etc. Spriter Pro seems cheap and literally everyone I've seen uses it. Should I buy it? Thanks

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  • It's a tool for stitching multi image animations together.

    Basically you split an image up and the constituent parts can be animated rather than making several frames of the same image.

    So if you are an artist, or wish to use art like that, get it.

  • It depends on what kind of games you make - it can be great for keeping your video memory down as you animated individual components in engine rather than using a bunch of different images as frames. It's also useful if your game uses a lot of slow mo effects. If you're interested in using a skeletal animation system for your games it's definitely the way to go - but it's not something you'd probably need otherwise - it's still quite clunky to use and implement, the UI takes a bit of getting used to and I think could be improved quite a bit. Still, I'm glad it's available - it's just not a tool I find myself reaching for very often with the type of games I make.

  • Seems good,

    I'll try it out

    Some of my games fit this category.


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